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LAWLESS: Eric Holder Now Funding Attorneys to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation
By Top Right News on June 6, 2014
by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Yes, that headline is real. You have not gone insane, although we wouldn’t be surprised if you did, given the utter lawlessness of this administration.

Texas is being overrun by illegal aliens at the highest rates in U.S. history. More than 47,000 unaccompanied minors have been caught in the first five months of this year, a 92% increase over the same time period in 2013 . Obama is also dumping thousands of those illegals into Arizona, as payback for the crackdown on illegals by Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Obama Administration is working hand-in-hand with Central American governments to engineer this deliberate, unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens. La Raza groups are spreading the word that Obama will sign administrative amnesty. And nations like El Salvador and Honduras are urging women and children to make the grueling trek to cross the U.S. border, because Obama will never deport them, and they can receive jobs and taxpayer-funded welfare for life.

Obama has requested $2 billion — not to deport the illegals from this unprecedented invasion — but to house, clothe and feed them, and even deliver them to relatives already here illegally, so they can stay here indefinitely.

And now Eric Holder, who is supposed to be the highest law enforcement official in America, is unleashing a new lawless program to actually provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to these invading illegals — to make sure they will never be deported by an immigration judge. And Holder is grabbing $2 million of a $315 million fund that is supposed to help secure the border, not make a mockery of border security.

From USAToday:

Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday announced a new program aimed at ensuring that illegal immigrant children who cross into the U.S. without a parent or guardian have legal representation in the United States.

Holder announced an initiative called “Justice AmeriCorps,” a grant program to fund lawyers and paralegals and provide legal services to these children. Holder said it’s a response to Congress’ request that the Justice Department “better serve vulnerable populations such as children and improve court efficiency through pilot efforts aimed at improving legal representation.”

Holder’s move was likely to be seen by Republicans as another possible incentive for more illegal children to try entering the country. One Republican aide reiterated past GOP complaints that the Obama administration often appears willing to help non-U.S. citizens more than it wants to help citizens.

“Why doesn’t the Obama administration hire lawyers for the American citizens who are losing their jobs?” he said.

But the Administration says they need to defend a “vulnerable” population from “discrimination” based on their immigration status.

This is treason, plain and simple. In a sane nation, Obama and Holder would be doing a perp walk right now on their way into a Federal courthouse. But as radio legend Mark Levin has described it, we are now living in a “post-Constitutional America“, and no one will dare stand up to this lawless president no matter what he does.

And time is running out. What Obama and Holder are doing will change the fabric of this nation, forever.


Obama Renews Work Permits For 520,000 Illegals
2:09 PM 06/07/2014

President Barack Obama is renewing his two-year amnesty for at least 550,000 younger illegal immigrants, and is rolling back education requirements and anti-fraud measures.

“Obama’s extension of his unilaterally-created immigration program not only violates his constitutional duty to enforce the law, but the changes he made to it proactively invite fraud and abuse,” said a June 5 statement by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the House judiciary committee.

“By loosening the education standards, potentially millions more unlawful immigrants who do not meet even basic educational requirements will be able to apply for the [amnesty] program,” he said.

Goodlatte, however, did not criticize the administration for disadvantaging U.S. workers. In fact, he has pushed a House bill that would allow companies to employ 750,000 foreign workers during each year in the food sector. So far, his guest-worker bill has not moved because GOP leaders are blocking the Senate’s June immigration bill, which would double the annual inflow of almost 2 million immigrants and guest-workers.

Obama announced his amnesty program in June 2012, shortly before the 2012 election. Under the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” Obama directed officials to stop applying immigration law against younger illegals who don’t commit major crimes, and to award work permits to those illegals.

So far, the amnesty has been used by at least 520,000 illegals to win two-year residency and work permits. That quantity of foreign workers is more than all jobs created in April and May.

Obama’s renewed amnesty announcement comes at the start of summer, when roughly 4 million Americans graduate from high-schools or colleges and search for decent jobs.

Younger Americans are the least likely to be be employed in the slack economy, partly because they face competition from each other, plus roughly 600,000 working-age immigrants and 800,000 guest-workers each year.

The inflow has added 10 million guest workers and 12 million immigrants to the economy from 2000 to 2013.

Nationally, the percentage of the 156 million Americans aged 16 to 65 with full-time jobs has dropped to 62.8 percent. That’s down from 65.7 percent in 2009. Today’s level is the same as in 1978, when Jimmy Carter was president and relatively few women chose to work.

For more than two decades, the immigration-boosted surplus of labor in the economy has frozen Americans’ wages and boosted investors’ profits to record highs. The trend shrinks the GOP-leaning middle-class and expands the number of Democratic-leaning people dependent on government.

Obama’s decision to renew his two-year DACA amnesty will likely add to the 520,000 young illegal immigrants who were given work permits over the last two years, partly because many additional younger illegals will have quit or graduated from high school during the two-year period.

A 2012 estimate by the Migration Policy Institute says 1.76 million illegals could get work permits from Obama’s DACA amnesty. The vast majority, roughly 85 percent, may only have a high-school education.

In addition to DACA, the administration has announced last month that it will boost the routine annual inflow of roughly 800,000 guest-workers by allowing 100,000 spouses of guest-workers to take jobs.

Most of the guest workers stay for less than a year, but many stay for several years.

The multi-year guest workers are mostly college graduates, who form a resident population of at least 900,000 foreign university-trained employees. They compete for the skilled jobs sought by the roughly 800,000 Americans who graduate with degrees in health-care, business, education, technology and architecture each year.

This week, the administration also continued to release illegals who are crossing the border with children. So far, at least 60,000 have crossed, and up 200,000 young illegals are expected to cross the border between October 2013 and October 2015.

The administration also announced plans to hire 100 lawyers to help the wave of illegals settle in the United States. Many of the illegals will join the population of roughly 6 million working-age low-skill illegal immigrants and will compete directly and indirectly against Americans for lower-skilled jobs.

Almost 12 million illegal immigrants are already living in the United States.

Roughly 8 million work in regular or irregular jobs, including roughly 2 million working in skilled jobs.


Is this legal ?? I don't think so, but it is obvious Obama is on a crusade to spite Jan Brewer because she won't back down from him, so he stoops to using children, exploiting them to prove his warped point. Sick Bastards.


Unbelievable: Illegal Alien Teens Obama Dumped in AZ Now Whining Their Free Food Not Tasty Enough
By Top Right News on June 10, 2014

DHS burritos are NOT good enough for illegal alien teenagers.

by Jason DeWitt

Who said beggars can’t be choosers?

Why, the “Consul” to Arizona from Honduras Tony Banegas, that’s who. He says the free food American taxpayers are giving these illegals isn’t tasty enough.

You see, Barack Obama dumped nearly 1,000 Honduran teenagers who illegally crossed the Texas border into Nogales, Arizona.  The media tells us of poor little “children” but the truth is the vast majority of the more than 48,000 “unaccompanied minors” who entered the U.S. since January are teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17.

According to Judicial Watch, these facilities are an “out-of-control disaster with jam-packed holding centers, rampant diseases and sexually active teenagers” at this Nogales facility, according to information obtained by a DHS source.

   [T]he tens of thousands of Central American youths will likely never be deported and will be released in the U.S. while they are being “processed.” American taxpayers will fund their stay in specially created shelters and military facilities. The Obama administration has also launched a special program called Justice AmeriCorps to give them free legal help. The administration has asked Congress for more than $2 billion (to support the teens). They are coming mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and some may have criminal backgrounds.

   “They’re not all little kids, Del Cueto, points out. “Some are 17 years old and they have ties to gang members yet they will be relocated in the U.S.”

Great. So these illegal alien teens, some with “scabies” others gangbangers, are getting free room and board, food and free attorneys courtesy of….YOU. One would think they would be thrilled, right? WRONG!

As Consul Tony Banegas said:

   “This morning they switched to burritos, but they complained the eggs were cold. They couldn’t eat them. They complained they had a burrito but had to throw it in the trash.“

What is the Honduran Consul doing here anyway? Why doesn’t HE buy food for HIS citizens? Better yet why doesn’t he TAKE THEM HOME.

We hear the food in the White House kitchen is fantastic. Perhaps Jan Brewer should load these ungrateful illegals in buses and drop them off at the White House gate. What a wonderful statement that would make !

5 Crisis on the Border: Is There an End Game? on Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:33 pm


Crisis on the Border: Is There an End Game?
June 10, 2014 By Dan Stein

The national media have finally begun to pay attention to the latest immigration crisis on our border, but only because it has become impossible to ignore any longer. For at least two weeks, the “mainstream” media buried the story of children and their parents storming across the Texas-Mexico border, lest anything disturb the drumbeat for comprehensive amnesty in Congress. Most coverage was confined to regional outlets and e-zines like Breitbart (Fox News being the exception).

Indeed this border crisis –the result of a feckless administration unwilling to enforce our immigration laws – has led to an inconvenient disruption in the “mainstream” media blitz to cow, intimidate and spin those in Congress trying to block the House leadership’s shadowy plans to pass some sort of bogus “immigration reform” law.

Once the President himself spoke out on the crisis – a move compelled by the virtual collapse of border security – outlets like CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press began to move national stories. Here’s the lesson: non-citizens all over the world – millions, if not billions of them – pay very close attention to U.S. immigration policies. They understand the truth about America’s border collapse – far better than the American people since they’ve been cajoled and lied to for the past several years.

We refuse to learn from past mistakes. In the late 1990s, smugglers used young children to help illegal immigrants avoid detection. The child would be returned to the smuggler for use with another group shortly thereafter. Today we see small children arriving alone – sent by relatives in the hopes relatives already here in the U.S. will come and get them.

This process is entirely predictable: if you tell the world that only hardened felons will be deported, you are telling the world that any risk is worth the trip to get your family into the United States. The question we should all be asking this administration? What is the end game? Where does it end?

6 Today’s Immigration Headlines on Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:37 pm


Today’s Immigration Headlines – June 9, 2014
June 9, 2014 By Dan Stein

Cantor Calls on Obama to Make a Deal

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has urged President Barack Obama to make a deal on immigration, especially amnesty reform for children of illegal immigrants. But during an interview with CBS 6 in Virginia, Cantor warned Obama that his “my highway or the highway” approach to reform would not lead to legislation being passed during his tenure,” Newsmax reported.

“‘I have told the president, there are some things we can work on together,’ said Cantor, who is facing a challenge from tea party candidate Dave Brat, an economics professor, in Tuesday’s GOP primary in Virginia.”
Arizona Orders Supplies to Deal With Immigration Influx

“Mattresses, portable toilets and showers were brought in Saturday for 700 unaccompanied minors who spent the night sleeping on plastic cots inside an Arizona warehouse, a federal official said,” the Daily Mail reported.

“A Homeland Security official told The Associated Press that about 2,000 mattresses have been ordered to the makeshift holding center — a warehouse that has not been used to house people in years. Gov. Jan Brewer’s spokesman, Andrew Wilder, said Friday that conditions at the center are so dire that federal officials have asked the state to immediately ship medical supplies to the center in Nogales.”
Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Sent to El Paso

“Two planes carrying undocumented families apprehended in South Texas arrived in El Paso Saturday, officials said. Ramiro Cordero, spokesman for the Border Patrol El Paso sector, said two flights carrying 130 people landed in El Paso,” the El Paso Times says.

“He said the immigrants would be processed at different locations in the El Paso sector. Monsignor Arturo Bañuelas, pastor of St. Pius X Parish in El Paso, said the immigrants arrived in the morning. One immigrant passed through El Paso on a bus from Phoenix.”
Supreme Court Upholds Visa Rule

“The Supreme Court says immigrant children who waited for years with their parents to obtain visas still have to go to the back of the line when they turn 21. The justices on Monday sided with the Obama administration in ruling that immigration laws do not let children who age out of the system qualify for visas,” Politico reports.
DHS Threatens Agents Who Leaked Photos of Mass Border Influx

“Last week, photos surfaced from Texas and Arizona showing Border Patrol processing centers overwhelmed as thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America continue to need shelter and resources. The photos show hundreds of children sleeping in crowded, chain linked cages. Agents have described the situation as a humanitarian crisis,” reported.

“In response to the leaked images out of Arizona, Patrol Agent in Charge Leslie Lawson is cracking down on the use of personal technology by agents in the Nogales Border Patrol processing center.”
“Tide” of Illegal Immigration Rolling In

“Two weeks ago, the Obama administration was poised again to take executive action in an election year to ease deportations of undocumented immigrants. Today, that plan may be increasingly fraught with complications,” the Christian Science Monitor says.

“In recent weeks, a tide of young, unaccompanied minors crossing the Texas border illegally has pushed the US immigration system to its breaking point. Unable to cope with the volume of children crossing the border without their parents, immigration authorities have had to find emergency solutions, such as housing thousands in a San Antonio Air Force base, a California Navy base, and a makeshift detention center in Nogales, Ariz.”


How Obama Created an Immigration & Humanitarian Crisis
June 5, 2014 By Bob Dane

The recent surge of unaccompanied illegal alien minors crossing the South Texas border has been portrayed as a humanitarian crisis by the Obama administration. While these young crossers face perilous conditions in transit and uncertain futures once they arrive, the fact is that the crisis has been the direct consequence of lax enforcement and a welcoming environment for illegal aliens manufactured by the Obama administration.

The surge is straining Border Patrol resources to the breaking point. What’s worse, the administration’s response to the crisis — transporting illegal border crossers to other locations where they are processed and then released – is exacerbating the situation.

The surge, and the collapse of immigration enforcement nationwide, has been brought about by the Obama Administration’s six-year scaling back of enforcement – changes that have incentivized millions thinking of coming to America illegally:

Immigration laws are now only enforced against violent criminals.
Administrative amnesties granting quasi-legal status and work authorization to entire classes of illegal aliens have, and continue to occur.
The Secretary of Homeland Security is reviewing deportation practices with an eye toward identifying additional categories of illegal aliens who will be exempted from immigration enforcement.
The U.S. has limited the detention and removal of illegal unaccompanied minors crossing the border and women attempting to enter with children.
Illegal aliens are being released on their own recognizance or minimal bond with the tacit assurance that as long as they do not commit a serious crime, no one will come looking for them.
Obama has issued an ultimatum to Congress that they either enact amnesty legislation by the end of the summer, or he will implement one without congressional authority.

As a consequence, illegal aliens, anxious to capitalize on the administration’s offer of a free pass into the U.S. place their lives and their children’s lives in the hands of ruthless smugglers. As we head into the summer months, more than 60,000 illegal aliens, including young children, are expected to make their way across a harsh and unforgiving desert to reach the U.S. border. Some, unfortunately, die along the way. It is not inevitable but sadly the politics of the Obama administration trump common-sense immigration enforcement that would prevent these tragedies


Only Cartels Benefit from Obama's Border 'Monument,' says Former Border Patrol Association

by Kristin Tate 20 May 2014
Republicans, Local Sheriff Warn Border Wilderness Zone Will Create Vast Drug Corridor

On Wednesday the Obama Administration is set to unilaterally designate a 600,000 acre national monument in New Mexico near the U.S.-Mexican border. The sanctuary, which will be called the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, has drawn sharp criticism from law enforcement who say it will impede border security. "By creating this monument, President Obama is ensuring a pathway to get drugs into the country" Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, told Breitbart Texas.

The Obama Administration will ultimately control how much access Border Patrol agents will have to the land, including whether or not they will be able to use vehicles.  

Taylor, who has 26 years of border security experience, pointed out that one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Juarez, Mexico, is right across the New Mexico border. Impeding law enforcement near this section of the border could allow Juarez's cartels and violence to enter the U.S. with ease.

"This is the wrong place to put a monument," Taylor said. "The New Mexico border has no river--it's just an imaginary line. If criminal illegal aliens can walk across the border and into the sanctuary area, they will use that land for criminal acitivy and use it extensively. Everything surrounding the monument is in peril."

Advocates of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument claim the land needs to be preserved for environmental reasons. But opponents claim this argument is a deflection from the real issue, which is the safety of U.S. citizens.

"Who benefits form this more than the cartels?" Taylor asked. "The people who live there don't benefit, law enforcement doesn't benefit, the sheriffs don't benefit. The only people who benefit from this monument are illegal illegal immigrants brining drugs into this country. Environmentalists say we're protecting this land by shutting people out, but we're actually doing the opposite."

Obama is creating the monument without approval from the Senate or Congress by using the Antiquities Act, a means by which presidents can unilaterally lock up land for environmental reasons.

Taylor concluded, "The Obama Administration is using 'environmental concerns' as a tool to bypass Congress and take over the land. By doing so, he is completely ignoring national security and public safety."

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