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1 Let’s Move’ Or Fat-Shaming? on Tue May 27, 2014 5:41 pm


Let’s Move’ Or Fat-Shaming? Wait Til You See The 9-Yr-Old Girl One School Called ‘Overweight’
By Mike Miller 8 hours ago

Nine-year-old Gwendolyn Williams was recently issued a “fitnessgram” by the New York City Department of Education, who says it uses the notices as a way to help students develop healthier eating habits.  

There’s only one problem here: Gwendolyn is 4’1″ inches tall — and tips the scales at a “whopping” 66 pounds - one pound over her “ideal” weight.

Gwendoyn was told not to open the letter, but couldn’t resist reading it before giving it to her mom:

   “I was upset and I thought it was a mistake. I looked closely at it and it wasn’t a mistake, they were actually calling me overweight.”

Gwendolyn’s mom, Laura, was equally disturbed by the notice and thinks it will leave young children confused about body and health issues.  She said she was horrified when she saw her daughter pulling at her skin, thinking she was overweight:

   “I just think that maybe calculating their BMI in this way isn’t necessarily accurate. I’ve talked to nutritionists and fitness experts and they said that BMI is not necessarily the best way to measure health.”

The school system defends the fitnessgram program as helping families be healthier:

   “Fitnessgram notices are a longstanding tool that help families stay aware of weight and fitness as one part of an overall approach to ensuring their child’s health.”

Irrespective of the fact that Gwendolyn William is obviously not overweight, is it the job of our public schools to tell parents how to parent — or should schools be more focused on effectively teaching kids the “three R’s”?


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