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1 At what point do we investigate Issa on Mon May 05, 2014 11:19 am



MAY 5, 2014
At What Point Do We Start An Investigation Into The Behavior Of Darrell Issa?
March 6, 2014 By Allen Clifton

Who would have ever thought a congressman from (of all states) California would lead a Republican witch hunt against President Obama and Hillary Clinton?  But that’s what we have with California Republican Representative Darrell Issa.
To be honest, I hadn’t really heard much from this guy until the infamous Benghazi obsession swept through the Republican party.  Then he was suddenly front and center trying to somehow validate their asinine conspiracy theories.
There’s just one problem – almost everything he was trying to “prove” continued to get debunked time and time again.  Even when the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee issued its report on Benghazi debunking these right-wing conspiracies, for Republicans like Issa, it didn’t change their minds.
And while he’s led the right-wing conspiracies about Benghazi, he’s also spearheaded another popular conservative folklore about the IRS targeting conservative groups.

Another right-wing conspiracy that’s been debunked several times.
Yet despite the fact that these conspiracies have been proven false on numerous occasions, there’s Mr. Issa, continuing to push his partisan witch hunt.
Here we are, wasting time and lots of taxpayer money, while Darrell Issa continues to push forward with these “investigations” that have already been debunked and invalidated.
So it prompted me to ask the question, “At what point do we investigate Darrell Issa for corruption?”
It’s clear that these “investigations” are nothing more than partisan maneuvers to slander the president and set up potential attacks on Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president in 2016.  Issa is spending all of this money – and wasting all of this time – simply to pander to the right-wing base which is gullible enough to believe his lies and propaganda.
That’s it.
Which is why I have to ask, when do we start an investigation into his blatant attempts to play partisan politics while leading the way with these constant and ongoing ‘investigations’?
I’d like to know how much information he’s been presented with that’s clearly disproven his asinine conspiracies, why he’s ignored that information, and how much money we’ve wasted supporting his partisan attempts to slander President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I think he should have to sit in front of a committee and testify against the overwhelming evidence that’s consistently nullified his “concerns.”

Isn’t that only fair?  The only “conspiracies” that seem to exist in all of this are those that have been concocted by Darrell Issa and his fellow Republicans.  And I think it’s time Mr. Issa sits on the other side of an investigation into why he continues to waste time and taxpayer money on investigations that have been repeatedly debunked
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