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10 Most Ridiculous Things You Didn’t Know Your Tax Money Was Going Towards
January 16, 2014

1 – $384,949 spent on a federal study that looks at ‘‘Plasticity in Duck Penis Length.‘ Wait, it gets better.

2 – $1 million to New York to put up some road signs telling drivers they are spending money … on road projects. It gets better.

3 – $15,000 to an “artist” so he could build a model home out of cardboard… and then burn it down. Remember, this is your money.

4 – $3.4 million of your taxpayer dollars to the state of Florida for an underground turtle tunnel… Can’t have enough of those.

5 – $1.4 billion of your money paid for the Obama family housing, flying, and entertainment.When does Beyonce come to my place?

6 – $386,000 of taxpayer money went towards studying the effects of massage therapy on rabbits. Cats just fired their lobbyist.

Sad Cat

7 – $1 million for the State Department to buy a sculpture of a granite block… made up of smaller granite blocks. Important people make these decisions.

8 – $835,000 for a General Services Administration conference in Las Vegas that included clowns and mind readers. Nothing too good for our government workers.

9 – $50 million of your money for IRS conferences from 2010 to 2012, including a $14 million conference in sunny California.. Might bring that up if you’re audited.

10 – And $398,990 of your money to conduct a study to see if “Tea Partiers” are dumb. Well, obviously, when compared to Washington.

- See more at:


I do hope you read this also.$1.4_Billion_on_Obama_Family_Last_Year_Fake_Outrage


But there’s one slight problem with this outrageous outrage. The total cost for the White House under Republican president George W. Bush in the year 2008 came to a grand total of $1,592,875,254, or $1.6 billion dollars. Using this number we find that the Obama White House spent $0.2 billion less, or a net savings of $200 million dollars. (These figures don’t include classified expenses.)

The Bush figures are from “To Serve the President” by Bradley H. Patterson.



I came across the website for the book that’s led to this recent outburst of wingnut fauxtrage: White House Expenses/ It contained a small image that I decided to Photoshop to reflect my findings.

Obama - The 1.4 Billion Dollar Man

Bush - The 1.6 Billion Dollar Man

Never a dull moment on bullshit mountain.

Update 2:

Adjusted for inflation Bush’s $1,592,875,254 price tag comes to $1,704,411,959 in 2012 dollars.

portion devoted to the actual family living there, the daily office operations, security, transportation, or other expenses.

The security costs have increased significantly since 9/11, and that would reflect in both the Bush 43 and Obama WH figures.

But as you note, the costs aren't exactly out of line with prior spending on WH under President Bush (final year in office). In fact, it's about $200 million less than Bush.

I think you've got a typo or a dropped word in the following sentence which I've added:

Otherwise, great piece. Most people don't understand the costs associated with operating the WH, whether it's the portion devoted to the actual family living there, the daily office operations, security, transportation, or other expenses. s$1.4_Billion_on_Obama_Family_Last_Year_Fake_Outrage
same link I just copied the complete article


I googled the trip costs and many sites say 1.4 billion and that was as of 2012, never heard of green footballs site, who is responsible for this site ? Never mind I looked it up a liberal blog site, sorry not creditable   to me


it had trumps face on the heading I just clicked Candy's link and read the complete article never heard of them till I  saw Candy's link. I also looked it up and Bush was higher than Obama's. every president uses taxpayers money to run the white and the country. that is why we pay taxes.

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So glad to see you both only keyed in on reported Obama expense and didn't find anything a little outrageous in the other expenditures...LMAO


What are you talking about Candy's link, Alma is the one who posted a link Littlegreenfootballs.


oops sorry Alma.. didn't see the name thought Candy had posted it.. another interesting link


no thanks another liberal blog site, how did you skip over all the sites stating 1.4 billion to find this one...been there done that....good night


Because George spent more taxpayers money than Obama has. G'Night Sleep well   

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