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1 Landrieu Missing in Action on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:58 pm


Sebelius Abandoned By Landrieu

United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius appeared in New Orleans today with Mayor Landrieu, to try and save face on the disastrous roll out of Obamacare and hopefully get folks enrolled in the program. However, notably absent from the event was Senator Mary Landrieu.

Here is the response from the RNC on Landrieu's lack of involvement in the event:

“With enrollment nearly over, President Obama and Mary Landrieu’s disastrous health care law has resulted in more health plan cancellation notices in Louisiana than it has provided coverage to the uninsured. Instead of offering political spin, Senator Landrieu and Secretary Sebelius need to answer for why they mislead Louisianans about being able to keep their health care.” – RNC spokesman Michael Short

Senator Landrieu may want to hide from events touting the law, for which she was the deciding vote on, but questions need to be answered.

"Share" this with your friends, and demand answers from Secretary Sebelius and Mary Landrieu!


According To Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, 92,739 People Have Received Notices That Their Insurance Would Be Cancelled Due To ObamaCare. “His policy is among the 92,793 individual insurance plans that Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon reported would be discontinued because the coverage does not meet the coverage standards set by the federal Affordable Care Act.” (Michelle Millhollon and Jordan Blum, “Business Owners Complain About Health Plan Changes,” The Advocate, 11/7/13)

45,561 Louisianans Have Signed Up For ObamaCare As Of March 1, 2014.(“Addendum To The Health Insurance Marketplace: March Enrollment Report,” Department Of Health And Human Services: Office Of The Assistant Secretary For Planning And Evaluation, 3/11/14, p. 6)
Louisiana Seniors Will See Their Medicare Advantage Premiums Rise Or Their Benefits Fall By $55-$65 Per Month ($660-$780 Per Year) Due To ObamaCare’s Medicare Advantage Cuts. (Medicare Advantage By The Numbers: Louisiana, Coalition For Medicare Choices, Accessed 3/12/14)

193,638 Louisianans Are Enrolled In A Medicare Advantage Plan As Of June 2013. (Marsha Gold, Gretchen Jacobson, Anthony Damico, and Tricia Neuman, “Medicare Advantage 2013 Spotlight: Enrollment Market Update,” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 6/2013)

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