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1 Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:31 pm


by Angie Felton Jul 7th 2008 9:00AM

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When you think of dangerous dog breeds, which animal do you picture: a pit bull or a wiener dog?

According to the results of research published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, the breed most prone to aggression is the dachshund. New research that involved questioning 6,000 dog owners, found that one in five dachshunds have bitten (or tried to bite) strangers, a similar number have attacked other dogs, and that one in 12 have even snapped at their owners.

Prior research on dog aggression focused solely on dog bite statistics. Using that data, breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans were thought to pose the most danger. Researchers now feel prior studies were not painting a full picture, as most dog bites (especially those of smaller dogs) go unreported and were not included in the past.

Chihuahuas ranked second on the list of aggressive dogs, while Jack Russell Terriers came in third.

Just like with people, it's not fair to stereotype an entire group based on the actions of a few. But it's also good know some small dogs might not be the ideal choice for children.

Just my luck I have all three top biters.

2 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:29 pm

rosco 357

a few years ago my home owners insurance man was out redoing and inspecting, as they do from time to time , i happened to be home,, and talked to him, he saw a dog house under the deck and the deck has a top, i just told him i had a good dog, i never even heard him growl at anyone he would bark at dogs going down the road, but my dog was fence into the back yard, lots of room, well when he said dog i though good keep breakins away, he said no,, that my insurance co. will not even insure me if i had certain breeds, he said the insurance co was not going to cover one woman that had a chow, untill he had his pic made petting the dog. it seems what was the last straw, was a Rottweiler in a house with only the glass full view storm door closed, and the rottweiler charge the door as the mail man was putting mail in the mail box, the dog hit the door and it opened the door, just the surgery i guess hospital bill , i assume a plastic surgeon,, well the dog got a hold of the mail mans arm , and just the medical bill was over 100,000 bucks, so he said if u have some dogs the company has stoped insuring ppl, and its a large company..i dont know if the ppl that had the dog got sued but i imagine they did, but i dont know,even if a dog like was in the ssc's post did bite they could not do the damage to an arm that a large dog could do,,

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3 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:55 pm


That makes a lot of sense considering how vicious those little dogs can be. I noticed they usually have a aggressive disposition, only problem is they can't seriously hurt anyone...lmao!

4 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:45 pm

rosco 357

runawayhorses wrote:That makes a lot of sense considering how vicious those little dogs can be. I noticed they usually have a aggressive disposition, only problem is they can't seriously hurt anyone...lmao!

i guess, they could hurt a small child, but a grown person, a bite, but not tear tendons an muscles,, i think gypsy has a jack russell the best i remember,,i had a eskimo spitz , i got it at 6 weeks old or a week older, drove a good ways and bought it,here is my mistake, i got the largest most active one in the litter, well that dog had something wrong with it, the vet said that breed is high strung. but he was way past high strung, when he was still weeks old, he climbed into my firewood stack, i ran my hand in and got him and he growled and bit all the way out, i had him a year, and in that year he never once let me pet him, he would duck out from under my hand if i was going to pet him and he would bite me, but not draw blood, and if i was out side the fence, now i have a big back yard, all the room he would want, but if i came in the gate, he would jump up and bite my shirt and tear them, so my then wife was going to have our first child, i put the dog in the camper shell on my truck and my then wife took it to the human society, because we could not have that dog near a baby, a black guy was going to get him out of the truck, lol, but he quit and went for help, lmao, i was not there. i should have got the runt of the litter, lol.
the next dog we got at the human society like 10 years later as my oldest daugher did not like dogs, just had a phobia about them but grew out of it, there were no puppys that weekend, so we saw this pretty dog,one year old,, they said he was half dashound and half sheltie, he did have short legs and long think red brown hair, but a thick cotton like undercoat, that is the only dog we ever had, he lived till in his teens, but never even growled, he was a good dog, but that undercoat even staying outside all the time, was a mess on the deck and under it, he sheded in clumps, long hair,

5 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:24 pm


My dogs are all very protective, the dachshund travels across country with me, she will eat you up if you come near me or my truck, my Jack Russell is mixed with Chihuahua, he has sent 3 to have stitches on hands and ankles, he protects my granddaughter, and has made a believer of the boys down the road.
I had an issue this morning with 2 pitbulls from down the road, they acted agressive toward the kids as they walked down to check the mail, and having a leash law here for cats and dogs I called the humane society, they set a trap in my yard, I am sure there will be a big fat coon in it tomorrow.

6 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:22 am

rosco 357

i called our county as i dont live in a city. they told me they do have a lease law as dogs run the road, and get into garbage on garbage day, but the guy told me they just dont have the manpower to enforce teh leash law in teh county, i always kept my dog in the fence, i even bought landscape timbers and put them around teh bottom of my fence and i have a lot, of fence, adn drilled holes and got scrap rods at where i use to work adn stakes teh timbers to the ground, so he never got out ,i dont blame u, pit bulls could and have killed children,

7 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:18 am


I talked to our Mayor today his words were don't you own a gun, my answer was of course I do, his reply then shoot the shit out of them.

8 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:30 pm

rosco 357

lol really, i would wait till they were in ur yard, but if yall have a leash law, it still seems to me . taking care of the dogs would be the city job, i mean why have leash law and then tell ppl to shoot up the neighborhood, lmao.. i may have posted this i forget, i worked with an elecricain once, and his neighbors, had i think alaskan malumutes, i butched the spelling, any way this guy is nice but he wears bib overalls, alot, and the dogs had killed some off his rabbits, well he was in his yard in the rabbit fenced in area, and those 2 dogs came under the fence, and he said acted like they were going to get on him, well this guy was never without a pistol , he carried it in the top bib of his liberty demim overall, he just pulled his pistol and droped both dogs, threw them in his truck and hauled them off, never told his neighbor, adn his neighbor put up lost dog flyers, lol, his neighbor should have kept his dogs up better.
i was taking my garbage can out to the road, for the next day pickup, and its just a lot now,the double lot across from me. but at one time someone lived there, and had a german shepard, but the lot is real deep, the dog started running and barking toward me, i was out at the road in my yard, i said well when he reaches the end of his yard he will stop, well he did not, and man i took off, and ran toward my backyard fence, and without breaking a stride, i put one hand on the fence and over it i went, the dog, slamed on brakes, and slid oh his paws, the ppl moved shortly after or there would have been a problem , but they were a young coupe and nice ppl, i wish my youngest daugher would buy the lot, its 1.6 acres real nice lot, , she thinks it to high 30,000 she called,the ppl that own it,

9 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:44 pm


I had rabbits, and babies,..

we don't have a leash law here in the county.
one early morning I heard a commotion,went outside with my 410, there were a pack of dogs, four or more, two were rotiwellers,they killed every rabbit, bit through the bottom of the rabbit cage, i shot two,and reported it to the dog catchers they hunted down the pack ,and destroyed them` I shudder to think if it had been children instead, my grandkids were young at the time..

10 Re: Dog Breeds to be wary of. on Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:13 pm

rosco 357

nothing burns me up more than ppl that let their dogs run the roads, at nite sometimes i see several dogs loose, it pisses me off, when i was learning to drive,my dad told me to never dodge a dog, i might wreck, to just hit it , so i have hit some, mostly when i went to the lake after i got off at midnight, years ago,

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