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1 Week in Review on Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:09 pm


Wow what a week this has been, starting with last weekends Super Bowl boring game but to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at half time with their instruments not plugged up was priceless. Then all the news, watched Obama and Bill spar on Fox news..1 Bill- 0 Obama, Bill owned him on that interview, Obama couldn't keep his cool nor answer a straight forward question. Now we have Holder opening up gay partner benefits in all states ?? Where was the vote on this one ? Guess Obama and his threat with pen and phone in hand must have made a sweeping executive order...Farm bill passed but with so much pork and a cut in Food Stamps. Stock market is getting wobbly not a good sign and lastly the Olympics have started 1st gold went to an American, a shame the water is contaminated, food unsafe opening ceremony was botched and the terrorist threats are coming more and more. Best of all Putin still hates Obama. Crazy weather everywhere we have another shot of ice on Tues night, this is really interfering with my crawfish eating they are small and ungodly expensive, hurting the strawberries also. Well that is a small look into our current events..

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