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1 Mary Landrieuís Medicare Deception on Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:04 pm


Mary Landrieuís Medicare Deception

Posted on Dec 04, 2013
Mary Landrieu and the Louisiana Democratic Party are pulling out all of the stops to repair the damage done in the wake of Obamacareís train wreck.

As for Louisiana residents, the news only gets worse. As Democrats try and backtrack on Obamacare, weíre learning just how disastrous Obamacare is for Louisiana seniors and those on Medicare.

ďMary Landrieuís deciding vote for Obamacare will directly result in nearly $9.8 billion in cuts to Medicare from Louisiana,Ē said LAGOP spokesperson Ryan Cross. (Robert A. Book and Michael Ramlet, ďWhat Is The Regional Impact Of The Medicare Fee-For-Service And Medicare Advantage Payment Reductions?Ē Carlson School Of Management, September 2012; CMS Website,, Accessed 9/17/13)

According to the New York Daily News, ďdue to reductions in funding under the law, the Medicare Advantage programs, in which Medicare provides money for private insurers to cover seniors, have quietly started to cancel the contracts of providers to save money.

An article by The Wall Street Journal points out that doctors are already being cut from Medicare Advantage plans because of the Administrationís cuts to the program.

Despite this fact, Mary Landrieuís liberal allies are once again distorting the truthto allege that congressional Republicans who supported the Budget written by Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives also supported the Medicare cuts contained in ObamaCare.

Democrats cut into Medicare by more than $700 billion to help pay for ObamaCare. Taking funding from a crucial safety net program to pay for the Presidentís failing healthcare reform law is nonsensical policy that not only jeopardizes the long term solvency of Medicare for those approaching their sixties, but worsens Americaís fiscal health by using blatant budget gimmicks to claim that the Affordable Care Act is actually Affordable.

The Republican budget, passed in the House, uses that money to ensure the solvency of Medicare and institute other essential reforms. In fact, the Ryan budget even contained a deficit neutral reserve fund designed specifically to deal with the access problems that might result because of the presidentís dangerous Medicare cuts (see page 135).Ē

ďMary Landrieuís vote for Obamacare is causing Louisiana residents to lose their private health insurance, hurting senior citizens and cutting Medicare by more than $700 billion to help pay for it,Ē Cross said. ďThis is liberal deception and fiscal irresponsibility at its finest.Ē

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@ gypsy, yeah yeah yeah you love your country blaw blaw blaw we already know, you mention so much you sound like a broken record, so why don't you go wrap yourself in the flag and tell it someplace else. After long consideration I think its time to say goodbye to you. You don't like the way I run this forum or SSC and you can't control your outbursts breaking forum rules that were set for you, and I don't like the negative drama you bring here, so I'm letting you go, banning you. I think its for the best.

I hope you find another forum more to your liking, you are finished at this one. Please do not pm me at IYT, this decision under any circumstances will ever be reversed. †

I have not made this decision lightly or out of anger, I made it with a clear mind, body and soul.

You are free to read as a Guest, as we all know you will, just as your reading this one, but please don't send me PM's at IYT commenting on SSC's posts she makes or mine, or anyone else's, I'm not interested in what you think about the posts made here.

Be well, Tyler

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Tyler,over the years,you have exhibited a tolerance of which I am not capable.

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thx buddy

7 More Mary Garbage on Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:57 pm


Republican Party of Louisiana

Did you see Mary Landrieu's new ad?

Here are the top 4 distortions we found, tell us what you think!

1) Landrieu Made The Same Promises As President Obama

Landrieu: ďWhat Iíve said to the President is that you told them they could keep it.Ē

Fact: Mary Landrieu made the same promise on multiple occasions, knowing it was not true.

2) Landrieu Had The Chance To Protect Louisianiansí Insurance In 2010, But She Stood With Obama

Fact: Landrieu voted with every other Senate Democrat to protect the Obamacare rule that is kicking people off of their plans. (S.J.Res 39, Roll Call Vote #244 , Defeated 40-59: R 40-0; D 0-59, 9/29/10, Landrieu Voted Nay)

3) Landrieuís Bill Never Passed, And Didnít Even Get A Vote

Landrieu: ďIím fixing itÖand thatís what my bill does.Ē

Fact: Mary Landrieuís bill, The keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act, was introduced on November 4, and has sat in committee ever since. (S.1642, Introduced 11/4/13)

4) President Obamaís Solution Only Delays The Inevitable Until After The 2014 Elections

ďThe ads end with the display of a newspaper headline: ĎThe Result: People now allowed to keep health care plans.íĒ (Bruce Alpert, ďSen. Landrieu Campaign Begins Ads Talking Up Her Efforts To Fix Affordable Care Act,Ē The Times-Picayune, 12/11/13)

Fact: If your health care plan was canceled, you can only keep it through 2014.

To see the sources of our facts, click here:

Watch Mary's new ad here:

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Landrieu is a (actually,the only) politician for whom I feel some sympathy.Being from the SOUTH,I have a natural considerartion for any woman in trouble.

She seems like a smart lady and may have been able to dig her way outta the hole she jumped into. But the land is awash with the flotsam,bilge,and jetsam that WAS Obamacare and it fills her pit faster than she can possibly shovel it out.

Holder was VERY active in rigging the LA vote in the last polls and his utter disappearance should tell her something. She is truly on her own.

9 Re: Mary Landrieuís Medicare Deception on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:59 pm


She cast the final passing vote for Obamacare, she comes from a long line of politicians her father Moon was once mayor of NO now her brother is mayor. She has gotten very unpopular with her obvious siding with Obama she even hitched a ride to NO a few weeks back on air force 1 with Obama but not to appear with him she had a fund raiser of her own to go to.I think she is doomed in politics in La. I do not see a win for her in 2014.

10 Re: Mary Landrieuís Medicare Deception on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:24 pm


smile†Maybe she can then open a clinic for lame ducks;there should be many.(snigger,snigger)

And by the way,all this snarking at the Dem's woes may seem unseemly, but dammit, WE TOLD YOU SO.

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I agree Moon from the very beginning we stood against Obama and the Dem tactics, well now the prophecy is coming true with a vengeance and it is crippling this whole country.I heard this morning hints the stock market may begin a spiral downwards. Thank god I had already moved my stocks to overseas investments and they are secure. Obama is doing so much behind closed doors that is killing us even more. I heard rumors of gun grabbing in Florida but not sure of the truth in it yet with the UN arms deal.

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