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1 Avril Lavigne - Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger on Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:43 pm




The chords in this are a great hook and I think Avril is maturing.


Yeah shes growing up before our eyes, I remember her at 16 when her first album came out. People are talking about how much she has matured and grown into a lady. She is very shy and soft spoken in her interviews, and very "lady-like". Amazing that the public has watched her grow, its like her whole life has been documented, and most of it has. I'm very proud of her career, shes done an outstanding job with it. Shes never been in any trouble with the law unlike some celebrities we know, she doesn't do drugs or get drunk, well she'll have an occasional glass of wine or maybe a beer, but doesn't have any addictions. Remarkable really, and those that have followed her career know why. Its because her career is very important to her and she takes it seriously, but doesn't show how much it means to her to the public. When she was 16-18 she goofed around for the camera 'acting' wild and crazy, but it was just an act, deep down inside she knew exactly what she was doing, trying not to appear shes taking herself too seriously.

She is now a shy soft spoken lady in real life, but knows how to switch gears and go into "performing mode" when she needs to, like any good performer does, or actor in movies. Shes very aware of it.

May I direct your attention to this interview for a moment, you'll see her in an interview taken about 2 weeks ago.

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