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1 As long as I am spouting...... on Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:30 am


 Ed Asner,a self-described "intense" liberal.stated yesterday that liberals will not wanna appear "anti-black" by opposing Obama on any issue.Really, Ed???

Though I opposed all his stated policies,I was rather proud that we elected a colored president.Yes, A MAN OF COLOR,not black.We turned that corner and will eventually have a woman prez.

But Obama has failed all of us.As many of us conjectured,his deficit and stimulus spending created nothing but debt.His Obamacare is a hopeless mess (as will be immediately apparant when fully implemented next month).His foreign meddling and posturing has resulted in the shameful position we are in now vis a vis Syria.

On the economy:

1.The unemployment rate has been above 7% throughout his presidency. I've never seen that in my 65 years.

2.Percentage wise,there are less Americans working now than 35 years ago.

3.Of 830,000 new jobs hired since 1/1/2013, only 30,000 were full time work. This is SCARY.

4.The national avge income has dropped from $49k to just above $46k.That is even scarier.All of this is the result of subsidizing unemployment instead of policies that attack it with real,new,job creation.Something Romney knew about and Obama knows little.

It is my opinion that we are experiencing the downturn in the standard of living that many of us feared and are becoming "part-time America".We have spread the losses instead of creating more wealth to be shared by all.If we have plenty of new cars and the unemployed and welfare recipients have cel-phones and big screens,it is all on credit that future Americans will hate to pay back.And they may not even be reasonably able to do so anyway.The population grows faster than the economy;not the other war around. We are in a piss-poor situation thanks to Barak Hussein Obama.

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