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1 Dare I Ask? on Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:12 pm


You've got to forgive me for this but in light of my current conditon I have to ask;

Why is it that most people don't diiscuss Farting? We all do it even if we don't like to admit it. Some people I suppose don't talk about it because in their minds it's nasty or disgusting. Some don't do it because they think it's a rediculas subject to talk about

But why do many people think that farts are funny? DO YOU? When someone farts, do you laugh? Do you find yourself laughing at your own farts? Do you laugh at or tell Faret Jokes? What is it that makes us laugh at a common bodily function that everyone does?

It's an almost unherd of topic on a Forum but what the heck, lets put some more levity up in this place, what do you say, care to tell some Fart Jokes or talk about your own farts? If you think they are funny, share with others who miight get a laugh out of it. laughter after strengthens your heart and improves your healt

The Fart Song:

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Don't take life so seriously, loosen up and laugh once in a while. borich60

2 Re: Dare I Ask? on Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:30 pm


I'm not sure why farts are so funny.

They just are. Photobucket

3 Re: Dare I Ask? on Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:08 am


Well, this is certainly a first and lets hope a last..LOL just kidding Moose, actually its a funny topic and should prove to be interesting provided everyone feels up to talking about it..LOL I'll take the honest approach to this subject and tell you just how I 'feel' about, to put it delicately (if that is at all possible) "breaking wind"..
Oh, and by that I mean I'll explain what I "think" about it and not what it feels like..lmao Firstly, I don't ever fart in public or in front of anyone simply becuase its not my style and quite frankly I think its a crude thing to do. I actually don't even laugh when someone around me does it becuase I'm too busy being disgusted to think about laughing, but I do laugh at it when it happens to someone on television or like what you posted, a video. That was totally hilarious!

Ok everyone, you're next, explain away.... lol!

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5 Re: Dare I Ask? on Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:21 pm


HI Meemoon ! Good to see you here!

After years of private research in my own home, I am convinced that aging dogs and men of any age are in-fart responsible for obnoxious fumes in households and the progressive pollution of mother earth.

In the process of observation, I obtained an education on what type of foods to avoid serving in the dead of winter. One icy cold evening , I chose to serve large helpings of steamed cabbage with garlic bread to three very hungry teenage boys who were spending a few days with us. (Mind you all, I made that error in judgement only one time! ) lol!

I think you get the picture. They were embarrassed and I was beside myself trying to keep a straight face and set a good example. It wasn't too funny to them at that time , but now that they are men, it is one of their favorite reminisces of their stay. I chuckle every time I serve that dish.

6 Re: Dare I Ask? on Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:33 am


I'll admit that "Letting Loose" in pulic isn't something I like to do. It does offend some people and doing so can be both rude and crude in certain circumstances, like in an elevator full of people. But...

I grew up with a father who loved his "Pull My Finger" bit. Around his house farting was a "Laughing Gas". God love him, he didn't care what others thought, even in publc. One anticdote comes to mind that was a major embarassment to my mother. once day while grocery shopping as he was standing next to her in the store, he let loose and says quite loudly, "Barb, I'd be ashamed if I were you". Needless to say while he thought it was hilarious, it rather embarassed my mother when everyone gave her the "That was disgusting" look.

But as for in my own home, I'm like my old man, PULL MY FINGER!

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Don't take life so seriously, loosen up and laugh once in a while. borich60

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