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Candy Cottingham

I heard a SONIC BOOM today. I ducked when I was indoors. The sound was like thunder only louder. (Over 136 miles per hour I think)
It was a Typhoon Jet on a rescue mission to a Helicopter. But the Helicopter was ok.
Houses shook in other Counties and some windows were broken.
It should be on the news.


Yeah if they go super sonic in those jets at too low an altitude it can shatter windows and knock paintings off the walls and really do a lot of damage. Under normal circumstances they will make the jump to super sonic at much higher altitudes, but in cases of emergencies they do what that have to do. 

Whenever the space shuttle returns to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida we hear the sonic boom, but from where we are its not loud enough to knock things off the walls but still plenty loud enough to make you jump, then you realize it was just the space shuttle and go about your business. Its a normalcy and routine here in Florida, we're used to it.

Candy Cottingham

Crikey and there's me thinking that not many people hear a Sonic Boom. That Shuttle must travel at speed. Someone said to me on the Net "PEACE LOVE and Light." Yeah! Well my nervous system often gets shredded.
It sounded as if something heavy had dropped on our roof...bearing in mind I live in a single storey dwelling.

It was a false alarm anyway for a very small Helicopter.
Why the Hell could the Pilot not done his Boom at a high altitude.

I think those poor people who had damage done to their Property should get compensation....The stupid Helicopter Pilot did not realize that his Freqentcy was wrong (Something Like That) The Birds and animals nearly had a Heart Attack. People wondered what the hell it was. Thought it was a Bomb or Plane blew up.

Candy Cottingham

.The stupid Helicopter Pilot did not realize that his Freqentcy was wrong...........

Our Local paper today said it was a passenger plane from the U.S.A.  Communication was unavailable.
So we rushed to save.

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