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1 Times at Paris Tennessee on Fri May 10, 2013 2:51 am



does any one remember this movie? I was probably 11. Creature from The Black Lagoon
my cousins,and my brothers and sisters and I were spending the summer in Paris Tennessee,
at our cabin on the lake,well we were on a high hill,and after all day skiing, and swimming it was very exhausting
to climb(walk) this hill,were not many conveniences, in the beginning.that did improve,though.
we went to the out house, had to haul our water up in barrels,to drink and cook,
we bathed in the lake,we used ivory soap! it floats,each of us designed our own soap..

well to get back to the scary part,we all gathered into the Pontiac(star chief)
I think that was the name of it..
Our Mom was the greatest..She took us to the drive inn!

but little did we know how scary this movie was
,when went down many long backwoods, roads she scared us all the way,,she loved it.,.I tried to embed that old movie here, but didn't have much luck
well any way we reached our cabin safe,, oh what fun that time was,exploring,recognize different wildlife. Continued later..more to come..

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