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1 Re: A Silent Night (Christmas 1915) on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:49 am


I think its sad that you think its sad.

2 Re: A Silent Night (Christmas 1915) on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:21 am

Candy Cottingham

They were under ORDERS to fight. if they did not fight they were shot for being a COWARD.

If they did not join up they were given a white feather by SOME Women denoting they were a Coward.

Notice I said SOME women.

Maybe it is called ruling the masses.

Some could not read or write and came from the Farming Community or servants at big houses.

I see it as fear and ignorance.

Because of poverty they were often tricked into believing they would get good food and a roof ect;

Young boys were often picked up of the street and cajoled with tempting promises.
They were first given a filling meal because they were hungry.

My Grandmother's first Husband was killed in that war after only 4 months of marriage.

She was given a Commemorating plaque made of Bronze from a cannon. Which has come down to me.
worthless of course..there were many given.

Her second Husband my Grand Father served in that war 1915 as a MEDICAL ORDERLY..he had Red Cross training. They were brave men serving at the front line adminstering help to the wounded and dying. I have a few photo's of the men in that war that he obtained.
The trenches were full of mud water and rats, the men wore PUTTIES on the bottom of their legs to protect from bites.(strip of cloth that is wrapped around the lower leg for protection; leg covering made from leather or other durable material) They often slept standing up.

The water in the trenches caused the men to get Trench Foot...a painful condition of the feet caused by long immersion in cold water or mud and marked by blackening and death of surface tissue.
There were no antibiotics in those days.

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