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1 a lovely poem on Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:31 am


i thought it beautiful I didn't write it, a friend sent it..

If I were the moon,
I would light a path to my heart
when your feeling dark and stormy
and your world is falling apart.

If I were the rain,
I would wash away your doubt.
Flood your world with happiness
and show you what love is about.

If I were the sun,
I would dry up all your tears,
your loneliness with despair
and all your remaining fears.

If I were the wind,
I would blow you a kiss.
Tug on your heart
and give you someone to miss.

If I were the cold,
I would freeze you for the day.
Sit and admire your beauty
in every possible way.

But I'm just a man.
lover, and friend.
The love I feel for you doesn't have
an end.

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