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1 School Violence on Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:59 pm


What makes a child snap ? I live in a sleep river town everyone knows everyone. Wednesday started as any other day, granddaughter up and off to high school, daughter off to work. Everything normal. At around 1:00 a student at the high school stood up in class proclaiming he was bringing a gun to school for the assembly the next day and had his hit list made out.
Of course he was escorted to the office for questioning and police called. Now mind you this happened in front of 25 kids and a teacher. By 4pm the police were treating it as a rumor and issued a statement as such, by 5pm local media were running stories. Of course social media lit up like a christmas tree with comments by children and parents.
At 6:20am Thurs. morning a robotic call from the principle, stating the situation was blown out of proportion and everything was mostly a rumor BUT there would be extra police protection at the school yesterday.
Needless to say 352 out of 700 kids didn't go to school yesterday.
The boy making threats seems to be the victim of bullying at school as he is openly gay. Where does the fault lie in this ? My feelings are with the school, they should be aware of what is happening, teachers hear confrontations everyday and excessive teasing, maybe it is time to get off the royal pedestal and react for a change.
The students went from happy to panic in a matter of minutes, their security had now been taken away . Thank god the boy had not already brought a gun. In this area every kid has been brought up with firearms in the home. Hunting is a way of life here, nothing unusual.
Seeing 300+ kids went to school I wonder how many had hidden a gun in their cars or trucks just in case. Another way of interpreting 'Better Be Safe Than Sorry '

2 Re: School Violence on Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:41 pm


The problem with guns in this country can't be fixed as I've stated before and I stand by that, there is no way to stop a person from getting there hands on one if they want one bad enough, no regulation or law can prevent that from happening. This will always be something our society has to deal with as long as lunatics are born. You can't stop a person from snapping, and more often than not you can't predict when they will.

A person running into a classroom with a gun and shooting everybody is not a school problem, its a "society" problem. These things not only happen in schools. The schools should not get anymore symphony or attention from us than any place else, but that's now how it is. People place there symphony and attention towards what means the most to them personally, and for some its schools, for others its not, it could be there family, or church, or country or all the above.

Control in the classroom is an issue that is very old, and not getting any better because of our society and our values, as long as they continue to deteriorate so shall control and order in the classroom. There is not fix for that either, you can't change the way people think by placing a new law into effect or shoving your values down there throat, or by outlawing the thing they like to do, because they will find a way to get them if they want it bad enough, and there attitude will not change.

Kids by nature are cruel, they say cruel things to each other and do cruel things, some grow out of it and some never do.

3 Re: School Violence on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:57 pm


I agree we can't control lunatics, but we have to keep trying..
I also think, some kids never grow out of cruel, or bully cruel by nature,bully
is maybe born into the\person's make up..
It is a society problem..

4 Re: School Violence on Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:16 pm


Bullying usually has a mental disorder attached to it, might be cruelty at home, abuse , lack of self esteem, regardless it is a nationwide problem and educators need to be aware of the kids they teach, you can't tell me a teacher doesn't see warning sighs in children, but many chose to ignore them, the same as erratic behavior in a work place, most chose to ignore a situation which many times has led to a tragic event, then the statements of ..oh he was a little strange or yes he was not always social...duhhhhh hello wake up and tell someone, voice your concern, but people chose to walk away ignore it and then act shocked. Society needs to put their big panties on get a mental health program going now.

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