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50,000.00 or less?


$60,000.00 - $65,000.00


I moved this topic out of the polls section to this section here in General Thoughts.

I'm not allowing anyone to create New Topics in the Poll section anymore so I adjusted the permissions of that section of the forum accordingly so it can only be done by me, but of course any member can vote and reply. However members can still create real polls anywhere else in the forum if they know how, or they can do polls like this one here that Gypsy did without any actual voting panel. The reason is simple, I want to reserve the Polls section for the real voting polls complete with the voting panel, if everyone knew how and used the real voting poll to create polls I would keep it open so it could be done by members, but that isn't the case and people could post new topics without adding the real voting panel like Gypsy did in the Polls section.

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