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1 Shooting in Connecticut on Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:25 pm


So sad, this another mass murder. My God! Children..
something has to be done.
Gun control yes, against weapons of mass destruction,,no one needs to shoot massive rounds

unless it is police,or war..

anyone, have some thoughts?

2 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:23 am


Yes its very sad, I am always shocked to learn of such things. How such a person can come to doing that I will never understand. What could possibly motivate an individual to commit such a monstrous act is beyond me. If there is a hell that person is going to it.

People keep saying "this has got to stop" but the reality is it will never stop, ever. You cannot predict when these creatures will surface and commit these monstrous acts, they are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Tighter gun control is not the answer, these sick individuals will still find a way to get what they need to commit these acts, be it guns, knives, bombs or whatever, they cannot be stopped, ever. These kinds of things will always happen. Locking the school kids up in a security prison-like atmosphere to keep them safe is not the answer either or is it a reasonable solution, the criminals will still find a way to commit these acts if they are desperate and sick enough to commit them in the first place. They are premeditated crimes.

The bottom line is, this world will always have these sicko's in our midst, and we are defenseless against them, the only comfort we have is the knowledge that these insane acts are not frequent enough to label them as everyday events. We can't stop it, we have no way of stopping it, so just bite the bullet and realize we live in a sick world, and be thankful for the days you spend on this earth that you are not subject to these hideous and revolting acts.

3 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:37 am


The weapons used were all legal and registered to the shooters Mother, this is a horrible tragedy, but it isn't always guns, 22 Chinese children were stabbed yesterday also. This world is full of angry sick people. You always hear the soap box gun control speech after a tragedy, what you fail to hear is controlling drunk drivers, or drug pushers. My heart goes out to all the families in this tragedy but adding political agendas is not the time. Allow these people to grieve without political wackos using it to their advantage.

4 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:48 am


Yes lets keep politics out of it, this is not and never has been a political issue, its a "Criminal" issue and not politically anything. This is no place to use an excuse such as a hideous act as this for any political agenda. I repeat, its not political.

5 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:48 pm


a scary (subject) has been brought up giving teachers the right to have guns to protect the classroom/children..another is armed guards in the hallways,or vigilantes? God that to me is scary,although I will support what is good to protect our children,and innocents, from sick whack's

6 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:06 pm


Texas passed a law yesterday allowing teachers concelled weapons with proper back ground check and training. I am all for that, metal detectors, extra security and cameras and what ever else it takes to secure schools.

7 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:24 am


concealed is good.

8 Eye Opener on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:50 pm

Candy Cottingham


9 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:07 pm


I think
teachers having weapons,is not a good thing!!

10 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:49 pm


There might be some children still alive if the teachers were armed and prepared to protect the kids. I know I wish the teachers here were armed and trained in defense methods. There is no action to radical to protect kids lives.

11 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:13 am


no! that sounds like
communism,or the western days.. guns,are not the answer,,regulation is..stricter rules..

use of guns only,in hunting,farming,a certain caliber in protection,no massive assault weapons.,if that does;t work then outlaw all guns.

12 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:29 am


Teachers carrying guns reminds me of German nazi camps or something, I don't want any teachers carrying guns, keep teachers out of it, they are there to teach not gun someone down. It would just be a matter of time until we learned about a teacher that shot one of there students with the appointed gun the system gave them because little Jimmy wouldn't shut-up.

Yes there are actions too radical to protect kids lives one of which is giving teachers guns. Do you want old lady Johnson carrying a loaded 45? No, me either.

Protecting the kids at any cost I do not agree with, there is a price for them too, they are not better class citizens that need our utmost protection and attention. That's just my opinion, what we place value on the most is a personal taste issue.

Outlawing guns is not the answer because people will always find the guns they need to commit these crimes even if its outlawed. Cocaine and marijuana is outlawed but you can still get them too.

The answer to stopping kids from getting gunned down in schools is, there is no answer, or way of stopping it, it will continue to happen as long as the human species continues to make babies, because there are sicko's and psychopaths born every minute that will grow up to be criminals. You cannot effectively take away all the tools they will need to commit these crimes.

You have to face the reality that we do not live in a perfect world or society, and there is no stopping the hideous acts the human race inflicts on themselves and others, it will never stop as long as we walk this earth, so just bite the bullet and quit whining about the kids, adults were gunned down too, or don't you remember.

13 Re: Shooting in Connecticut on Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:10 am


The man forced his way into the school past the principle(1st victim) proceed to class rooms, had the teachers been armed when he walked into a class with his guns at least they could have equaled the situation. We have a cop on duty at the high school here but how does one cop cover a 5 acre school campus ? They don't.. This has nothing to do with Nazis this is safety in schools. If people are so afraid of guns and crying to ban them take away those armed guards the president has, or the other politicians. The armed guards in court houses.
This isn't about guns this is about mentally ill people with guns, in every case details came out the shooter was mentally imbalanced. I will never surrender my weapons but I will tell you this , if a person ever tries to break into my home or harm one of mine, you will read about it in the obituary section. I have no qualms to blow the living shit out of some crazy drug head or wacko.


200 Utah teachers take free firearms training class

Published December 28, 2012

Dec. 27, 2012: Clark Aposhian, President of Utah Shooting Sport Council, demonstrates with a plastic gun during concealed-weapons training for 200 Utah teachers. (AP)

SALT LAKE CITY – Gun-rights advocates in Utah offered six hours of training Thursday in handling concealed weapons for hundreds of Utah teachers in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

The latest effort to arm teachers to confront school assailants was organized by the Utah Shooting Sports Council, which hosted the training session to help educators become eligible for concealed firearm permits, FOX 13 News reported.

More than 200 teachers flocked to the training class in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley City. Raye Ann Blauer, a kindergarten teacher, told FOX 13 she is considering using her permit to carry a firearm at school.

“[A]fter everything that happened in Connecticut, I want to be aware of how I can help in the classroom and protect my kids and whatnot. Be aware,” Blauer said. “I think it’s really smart. Especially with everything that’s happened lately.”

English teacher Kevin Leatherbarrow holds a license to carry a concealed weapon and doesn't see anything wrong with arming teachers in the aftermath of the deadly Connecticut school shooting.

"We're sitting ducks," said Leatherbarrow, who works at a Utah charter school. "You don't have a chance in hell. You're dead -- no ifs, ands or buts."

In Ohio, a firearms group said it was launching a test program in tactical firearms training for 24 teachers. The Arizona attorney general is proposing a change to state law to allow an educator in each school to carry a gun.

The moves come after the National Rifle Association proposed placing an armed officer at each of the nation's schools after a gunman on Dec. 14 killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

There are already police officers in some of the nation's schools. Parents and educators, however, have questioned how safe the NRA proposal would keep kids, whether it would be economically feasible and how it would alter student life.

Some educators say it is dangerous to allow guns. Among the dangers are teachers being overpowered for their weapons or students getting them and accidentally or purposely shooting classmates.

"It's a terrible idea," said Carol Lear, a chief lawyer for the Utah Office of Education. "It's a horrible, terrible, no-good, rotten idea."

Utah educators say they would ban guns if they could, but legislators left them with no choice. State law forbids schools, districts or college campuses from imposing their own gun restrictions.

Educators say they have no way of knowing how many teachers are armed. Gun-rights advocates estimate 1 percent of Utah teachers, or 240, are licensed to carry concealed weapons. It's not known how many do so at school.

Gun-rights advocates say teachers can act more quickly than law enforcement in the critical first few minutes to protect children from the kind of deadly shooting that took place in Connecticut.

"We're not suggesting that teachers roam the halls" for an armed intruder, said Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, the state's leading gun lobby. "They should lock down the classroom. But a gun is one more option if the shooter" breaks into a classroom, he said.

The council said it would waive its $50 fee for the training. Instruction will feature plastic guns and a major emphasis will be for people who are facing deadly threats to announce they have a gun and retreat or take cover before trying to shoot, he said.

"Mass shootings may still be rare, but that doesn't help you when the monster comes in."

At the class, teachers offered their fingerprints for a permit as an instructor in the "psychology of mass violence" kicked off the gun class.

"I just bought a bra holster," said Jessica Fiveash, a 32-year-old Utah teacher and wife of a retired Army sergeant who grew up shooting and said she had no hesitation packing a gun at school. "Women can't really carry a gun on their hip."

Utah is among few states that let people carry licensed concealed weapons into public schools without exception, the National Conference of State Legislatures says in a 2012 compendium of state gun laws.

Leatherbarrow said he often felt threatened while working at an inner-city school in Buffalo, N.Y., where he got a license to carry a pistol. He moved less than a year ago to Utah, where he feels safer.

But he said gun violence can break out anywhere. He said he was highly trained in handling guns -- and was taking criticism from parents who don't appreciate his views on school safety.

"I'm in agreement not everybody should be carrying firearms in school. They're not trained. But for some parents to think we're cowboys, that frustrates me," he said. "I wish parents would understand."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more:


Arizona sheriff plans to put armed posse at schools

Published December 28, 2012

An Arizona sheriff has proposed placing an armed volunteer posse at many Phoenix-area schools, in response to the deadly school shooting in Connecticut.

Earlier in the week, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne proposed firearms training for one educator in every school in the state. Following that lead, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday he wants to start dispatching volunteer patrols to schools within a week, according to

The report emphasized that the plan calls for armed posse members around the perimeters of schools, not inside them. It will focus on about 50 schools within Maricopa County.

Sheriff Arpaio says members of the volunteer posse provide their own equipment and don’t receive a salary, so there’s no cost to taxpayers. But, he says, the volunteers have the experience to handle the job.

"The posse has the same training regarding guns as our regular deputy sheriffs, over 100 hours of training, plus refresher courses," he said. "We should never have a defeatist attitude. We look to the future and take whatever precautions we can do. I don't just want to talk, I like action.”

Arpaio has used similar volunteer groups to patrol malls over the holidays. Posse members arrested 31 people this year, and the sheriff thinks their presence may deter criminal activity.

When tried to get reaction from school officials, a spokesperson for Arizona Superintendent John Huppenthal said they are looking at a number of proposals and released this statement: "In addition to potentially adopting one of these approaches, we would want to ensure all schools and districts complete the necessary intensive threat assessment and violence prevention training that create a comprehensive solution to create the safest possible environment for our students."

Read more:

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