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Candy Cottingham


This Duane Eddy tune was written about the English Derbyshire Moors.

It was written by Duane's Key Board player about two years ago.

Duane visited Sheffield in England.


I never heard of Duane Eddie before but I liked this tune, its a little sad. Brian's guitar sounds good on this, I liked the vibrato sound effect, kinda sounds like surf style guitar. I bet Brian would enjoy a trip to the United States and visit California home of the surf sound guitar.

Candy Cottingham

Thank you for reply Tyler
The master of twang! Duane Eddy had 5 Top 40 hits between 1958 and 1963,
He was born in New York 26th April 1938

Brian's sound effect is Tremolo...The Yorkshire Moors is miles and miles of wonderful countryside,
with dales.

Brian would have loved a visit to Tennersee where Chet Atkins played.


Oh Tremolo sound effect, ok. I get those effects fixed up, the only ones I use are "Distortion" and "Chorus". Reverb is also one he used. The "Tremolo bar" or Tremolo arm (Vibrato arm) (whammy bar) is a bar on the guitar that stretches the strings and varies the tension changing the pitch to create a vibrato.

I didn't mean to imply that Duane Eddy was born in California because I didn't really know where he was born, but what I was suggesting was that most of those type of recordings were done in Southern California. The surf guitar or "Surf Rock" sound originated in California. The sound was largely pioneered by "Dick Dale and the Del-Tones", and other artists like "The Beach Boy".

Heres a couple vids by Dick Dale. Make sure Brian watches this interview I think he'll enjoy it. :)

Candy Cottingham

Hi... Brian watched the interview and the black & White Vid. He says they are Miming.

The Saxiphone player was taking the place of a Tumpet player...who was not in the line-up.

A very good beat!

In those days the Fender was exspensive. Our Cliff Richards brought a Red Fender back from America
and gave it to Hank Marvin his lead Guitarist. His other Guitarist Bruce has now got it and it is worth possible half a million now. The Fender came into this Country some 6 years later.

Brian playing Live... His Version of
"Misirlou" from Pulp Fiction. The Basis of it is the same.
Played on Brian's Fender.

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