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EasyBB Tutorials is currently seeking members with the knowledge of the following which will include rating level of how much knowledge you should have in that field.

**-just enough
***-fair amount
****-not a pro but good

Please read the following openings-

Rating: ***
Rating: ****
Rating: *****
Rating: *****
Photoshop CS3 and above:
Rating: ****
Rating: **
Rating: **
Rating: *****

If any members believe that have more than satisfactory levels on any of the listed items above, please PM me, post a comment, or go to url

We are mainly seeking GFX for template editing to create Themes. It is a plus if you have CSS3 knowledge to help with theme creations.

We are seeking jQuery and javascript users to help out with tutorials. With these insights you should have CSS3 and HTML5 knowledge.

We are seeking PHP members to help create API's and so forth for the sole purpose of tutorials and etc.


This is fine here, but considering you already have a thread about this site why don't you go ahead and copy this to your site thread in the links section. You could simply make a reply in that thread if you want. I think it would be more noticeable and organized. But we'll of course leave this one here too. smile

Good luck with the recruits!

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