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1 Reflections from the Deathbed _Jeremy Ryan on Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:43 pm


About Segway Jeremy Ryan

A Final Farewell From A Site Writer; Reflections From The Deathbed
September 19, 2012

It is not often one is blessed with the ability to die; slowly, thoughtfully, and at home. It is not often one gets to think of the favors and final requests one has and create as much change as possible with those. But that is the case. Three Fridays ago I went into the clinic. In one day one lung had completely failed the other was at forty percent. Six cardiac arrests later, one for over 12:30 minutes and I was still here. A cardiac arrest is not a heart attack. Your heart completely stops and you get an average of an hour and half to get treatment. Every minute you are said to lose 10% chance of survival. Three rounds of cancer, two of which spread to the lung, and Iím still here. One round of radiation was during the voter disenfranchisement protests. But these protests kept me alive. They gave me a place, something to live for, and served as a distraction on how cruel a hand I was given.

They also allowed me to be dying for years. And while I am actually dying now, I feel really good. There is nothing that I wish I would have done, no loose strings left to tie up. I am leaving behind a legacy and path that can do far more with me gone than could ever do alive. At this stage there is no lying. There is only honesty about what we want, what weíve wanted, and what we will always want. I left a legacy of lessons, mainly for my son to learn, on YouTube and on Addicting Info and on my Facebook Timeline. You will find my works in many social justice forums, my haters are many. We must stick to messages of class warfare and we must realize that we are being screwed.

We must also realize we have been sensationalized around peace. In every other country you have people rioting over losing things we never even had here. The time is now. We must engage in strikes and shut things down. We must teach them once more that any corporation, including this very website, can run without its top twenty percent. No organization can run without the bottom eighty percent, that is for sure. We must place a value in our work or stop bitching that no one else will. It is a conspiracy and you are not part of it. You will not be a part of it no matter what you do or how hard you work. Get over it! We must fight for our lives back and fight we shall.

I also want to give a message to MSNBC. You have people like John Nichols on the air and he isnít even present during most legislative activities. Meanwhile you have activists like myself who have literally been in every meeting looking for a place to say something, left unable to talk. Anonymous, we need you now more than ever. I will leave behind a list of tech projects we could use help with here in Wisconsin. At this stage in my life everything is crystal clear. I am completely at peace. Not many could be at a point like this. I have literally no regrets; there was nothing I wanted to try but didnít. As for my activism, I will say this: I was always on limited time. When I was born I only had a 2% chance of living with the docs even suggesting they give me up. I made it though and for a reason. I know my life had purpose as did my legacy. I took things as far as I did for a reason. We disrupted meetings only a handful of times. This had a purpose and worked flawlessly. You see at some point in my life I realized that a person is truly off of their game when in any emotional state. Happiness, anger, sadness, these are all things that on some level whether good or bad throw you off.

I stayed because someone needed to. When there was no one there between mid march and late march I stayed back. Why? Because I could then get a personal connection with them and they would not like it. This would throw them off and the disruptions of meetings would as well. It would also seat me as a guy who was not at all afraid of them. This cannot be faked you either are or arenít and if you truly live by a higher moral code you realize sometimes you have to intimidate. The press room incident was not one of these times. In fact I sang so low and it was so little a disruption they didnít even know what I said. I did say Dick Wheeler would not have called the cops but his daughter will. In a song, no other content, here is the video. What we, as protesters, did in the Capitol was an almost two-year investment into Wisconsinís future.

We killed MANY MANY bills. Every bill that only made it to public hearing or executive session didnít make it through solely because of all of us. There wasnít a single bill I can remember that we didnít cover before mainstream. Our pressure made them falter. They saw more people than ever before. Had we never disrupted meetings for just holding signs, we never would have been arrested for filming or for holding signs in committee meetings. It was personal and we made it that way.

I have known for some time this was coming. From the first cardiac arrest onward, I have lived every moment after as if it were my last. Just look at how the right attacks me. That alone shows what was accomplished. But at the stage I am at, you cannot lie. All you have is the truth and thatís all you care to purvey. I regret nothing as I did everything having fully thought it out. To be truly at peace with death and feel good and smile means that one must have really lived a good life. So take comfort in that and the rest please learn what you can from!

If you learn anything from my activism, make it personal between you and the enemy. Go that extra mile, break outside of legal bounds only if it has a clear benefit. We never were put to task when we broke up meetings but COULD have been charged for those. Without this, though, they would not have feared us. Their blood pressure would not raise as soon as we entered the room. They wouldnít constantly be thinking what will they do next? Most people never saw this but there was a clear benefit. The legislators saw and understood: things had changed. No longer could they expect order. They were at the mercy of the people, perhaps for the first time ever. And push your rights. They are not clean, they are profane and messy in every sense. It becomes easy to see why an officer would act against rights when they donít know nor are reminded the borders within legal realms. Democrats and Republicans. Here are my letters to Paul Soglin and Ismael Ozanne describing what I want. See to it that this happens, I will not be around to.

And to Obama, I have these demands. First end the NDAA and HR 347. These were highly unconstitutional bills and can and will be used for mass detentions of citizens. You signed these, it is by your orders this begins. Additionally, hold up to your promise and stop raiding the legal marijuana dispensaries. Call it the Jeremy Ryan Act or whatever, but stop cutting people off of their medicine. It is inhumane and un-american and as I sit on my deathbed I still cannot understand why I canít roll up a nice fresh blunt. Additionally, as originally promised, the Patriot Act must be repealed. As such, Officer G. Gaddy, who made my life so difficult towards the end, must be fired. Other than this, I offer this prediction. Romney will not ever become President. He is part of the one percent but they consider him a joke. He will ruin what they have worked so hard for by pressing too much, too quick. They will have him taken out and say someone from the left did it. Then youíll all miss me; the Wisconsin Ryan who didnít want to kill grandma!

How did it come to this? Well, when you are constantly dying it just takes one shutdown to be shut down for good. I feel this is my time and have for some time. I also know, whereas before there was always a treatment, now there is not.

And I want you all to share this everywhere. I think it needs to be read over and over again. Years ago I was given two weeks to live, a year later released from the hospital. From that point on I decided to live differently and all can learn from that. I truly had no care for what others thought of me. Every action was taken in passion. That is how I was unaffected by a horrible public opinion and a wide range of attacks from Fox News and the like. I walked around like this because I knew every action I took was what I really wanted to do. People can learn from this and hopefully get enough out of it to change their lives. I hope to one day from heaven see a day when Kathleen Vinehout is Governor of Wisconsin and when there are more (I) than (D)s or (R)s. I always said when the original occupy and original tea party realize they are fighting for the same thing that is when all else are fucked. Outside of that just please share this article anywhere and everywhere you can. This needs to go viral. Remember you donít have to be sober but be safe! And continue fighting!

One day longer! One day stronger!

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director, Defending Wisconsin PAC

Note: Segway Jeremy Ryan has become a full-time member of the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Formerly a businessman, he gave up his business to join the fight for the middle class in the State of Wisconsin. Through videos and writings he has informed hundreds of thousands of people about what was going on at the Wisconsin State Capitol once the mainstream media had mostly abandoned the protests. His full-time activism is completely funded by the people. If you would like to help out with last-minute expenses please click here.


Interesting read, I read the whole thing.


Thanks Tyler,it is a good read..

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