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1 Drink Up !! on Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:01 pm


1.In many states the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in the trunk to remove blood from the highway after a car accident.

2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke and it will be gone in two days.

3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl. Let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean.

4. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.

5. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.

6. To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.

7. To loosen a rusted bolt: Apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

8. To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan; wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.

9. To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your windshield.


1. The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. It's pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in about 4 days.

2. To carry Coca Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use the Hazardous material place cards reserved for Highly Corrosive materials.

3. The distributors of coke have been using it to clean the engines of their trucks for about 20 years! Drink up!

2 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:18 am

rosco 357

gee and my urologist when i asked about me drinking tons of diet coke, he said do i have kidney stones, problems i said no and he said , well drink as much as u want, lol from long ago, i remember a highschool science project and the student got teeth from a dentist and put each tooth in a different liquid, what ate up the tooth the worst was orange juice, but i dont know the other liquids, or if coke was used, i imagine, pepsi is the same, as i drink sams diet colas and they are just pepsis, as walmart told me,

3 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:21 am

rosco 357

i maybe wrong but think u can clean ur windshield with it and a page of news paper,,, but wow that memory is oldl;; like i was a teenager,, lol

4 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:31 am


A friend of mine on the Hwy Patrol here carries several 2 liter cokes in his trunk for the blood on the roads, I have cleaned battery terminals with it.

5 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:41 am

rosco 357

its been a while but on batteries if coroded, i use baking soda, im going to put this in notebook and save the coke thing,

6 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:16 am


"Mythbusters" tested most of these theories and fouind them to be untrue. They devoted an entire, one hour show to the process. However, all sodas tested were good at cleaning chrome plated metal but none, including Coke, had any affect at all on meat. All they got was a swollen piece of rotten offal.

7 Re: Drink Up !! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:19 pm


Ok Moon I have to agree as I searched the Coke myth site, a few I do know from personal experiance to work but I will give ya the one on the meat Embarassed

8 Re: Drink Up !! Today at 3:27 am

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