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1 Homepages on Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:10 pm


I'm going to talk about Homepages, the kind of page that you see when you first open your browser. I have been using iGoogle for about 2 years, and they announced a few months ago that they were going to be discontinuing there iGoogle Homepage service November 1st 2012. So today I decided to go ahead and find myself a new Homepage before I forget and Nov rolls around and I open my browser one morning and I get a "this page does not exist" error message. To get started I googled "Personal Homepages" and ran across a lot of services that offer free homepages, so I checked a few out to take a look. To get to the point I decided on using "MY MSN" homepage. For starters I already have an MSN account so that was a plus for me, as I didn't want to signup for another account someplace.

The biggest feature I was looking for in a homepage was that the server was reasonably fast, and to be able to add links to the page so I can quickly access all my usual stops I make on a daily basis without having to open my browser bookmarks. I usually like to have about 12 open links on my homepage so I can click the "Home" button on my browser and then click a link on my homepage to one of my usual website destinations.

So far so good I like MSN homepages.

What homepage service do you use?

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Well that was short and sweet. Any particular reason you like yahoo?

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Not really, I read alot of the news on the home page and follow links to cooking, medical, and so forth plus I have a section for local headlines on it.

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Candy Cottingham

I thought that M.S.N. was good for news.

Brian has it.

I have Virgin not know why.

Perhaps it is because my Email Account is Virgin

I can access my mail on there if I want.
They have a large storage.

There is a lot of Graphics on their Homepage to load
so that must take time.

I mainly look at English News.

Never seen Google Home Page.

Yahoo keeps putting Head Lines on my Facebook page.
Not sure I like that.

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When I start up the computer, it shows windows xp.I use Mozilla fire fox click it, on my quick starts. then I go to bookmarks.
I guess I actually don't have a home page.

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