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Obama Restricting Interviews So He Can Say What He Wants
Bert Atkinson Jr. August 21, 2012 1:36 pm

Why even have press if Supreme Ruler Obama is going to set the stage so that reporters – local reporters at that – will only have time to ask the questions he wants to answer? This isn’t North Korea, and treating the media like pawns is a slap in the face to the First Amendment.

The White House Dossier, written by veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler, points out that the Obama held four interviews yesterday – three with local TV stations and one rousing 22 minute ‘marathon’ for the White House press corps that has been ignored for the better part of two months. During the WH press conference, Obama took questions from a grandiose total of four reporters.

Two of the other three interviews came with local reporters from…(drum roll please)…battleground states: Norfolk, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida, with the third interview coming from San Diego, California. All of these cities just happen to have “major military facilities,” the reporters were given 10 minutes for interviews, and the president “invited” the reporters to talk about a certain issue: sequestration. (“If a budget deal is not reached by the end of the year, harsh automatic spending cuts will occur,” affecting military funding – hence the reporters from cities with military bases.)

“The only thing that’s standing in the way of us getting this done right now is the unwillingness on the part of some members of Congress, and folks in the Republican Party, to give up on some tax breaks for people like me who don’t need them,” the One told Norfolk’s WVEC.

Finger Pointing is not a sign of leadership and can never lead to compromise. If his budget was so incredible, why did it not receive ONE vote in either the House or Senate? Republicans were voted in by their local electorates to represent their wants and needs, not blindly follow Obama’s economically unsound “budget” – it’s part of democracy, right? If only there was some guy in a leadership position who could help both sides of the aisle reach a compromise…

Furthermore, restricting face time with reporters in order to dominate their time to extend that pointing finger even farther is a disgusting sidestepping that should not happen with either party


Sound like Bert Atkinson Jr didn't get to ask his question.


He has been staying away from the White House press corp for almost 2 months but doing local news shows when he is on the road, gusss that keeps the sensitive questions at bay and he doesn't need his teleprompter.

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