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The convention is scheduled to take place the week of August 27, 2012.

Tampa FL is really excited about hosting this event. A lot of people will be looking at Tampa. The city has really grown through the years. Of course FL is a tossup state again as to what party it will vote for as next president.


Tampa is a great city and the convention will be a tremendous shot in the arm for revenue.


Yeah it sure will. Most of the hotels are already booked, including the beach hotels in that area. The restaurants will do well also. I think the Bucs play at home this Sunday so the Tampa Airport is gonna be a mad house. I heard a report/Poll taken a few months ago on the top 10 Airports in the United States and the Tampa International Airport was voted the best airport coming in at third place behind #1 Portland and #2 Washington D.C. (Reagan)

I flew to Miami airport one year going to a Tennis tournament in Boca Raton and the Miami airport was really nice! My brother and I ate lunch there, well I did, my brother got sick from the I had 2 slices of pizza and a whiskey and coke. I have no problem flying, I've never gotten sick.


We flew to Miami Airport three years ago, to board the cruise ship.A beautiful airport,good food, and gracious people, I was so impressed with beauty of the city.


Yeah it is nice. Miami is a happening city, it has everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. It has money, nightclubs, the ocean, good food, sports, nice homes, and lets not forget, everything! Well not everything, it doesn't have Mountains. lol

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