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26 Re: Who do you blame for our recession? on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:33 pm


nope I didn't approve of any of this .. I am saying fox put it out there and you brought it here.both parties voted against it but your trying to blame something on Obama that isn't true.I do approve a president like Obama over bush,or mittens ,now your doing your flip flopping..I approve of finding another alternative to oil which the pugs are against, because the oil companies line the pugs pockets. I am against the pipeline that pugs are trying to push it is not good for our country,I M against more drilling on our coast's,I am against all republicans who continue to kill our country with their hypocrisy Obama didn't force business out of this country Romney and his party are all for that. yes I am liberal, I don't pretend that republicans are good for us or the country, it has been proven through the years Democrats have provided more help and improvement to our country than repubs

27 Re: Who do you blame for our recession? on Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:15 pm


Yep, Dems are great for this country, the unemployment numbers, the national debt, the number of illegals still here and the oil prices are all great examples of Dem. success. Keystone is a way for us to be less oil dependent on others, would have provided jobs for your beloved Missouri and 5 other states, but Obama is the one who shot it down, research your facts.

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