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1 Has everyone on Sat May 26, 2012 12:36 am


gone camping? or vacationing.
Hope all have a wonderful Memorial Day!
so many to bless.and remember!

share with us,your memories~

We will be chillin/grillin, and hope the pool water,is warm!
Love for all!God Bless!

2 Re: Has everyone on Sat May 26, 2012 5:27 am


For me I'm not going anywhere or will I be grilling anything this Memorial Day. We will however be cooking a special chicken dinner in the electric skillet.

When my Mom and Dad were here we did grilling, and when we were younger growing up we would go to our grandparents house sometimes and they would do the grilling. Fun times I remember. :)

I encourage you to read all of this:

I must ask you to please make the title of your new topics with a more detailed explanation of its subject. By having a good title that reflects the subject matter of your post it does 3 major things that help members and visitors of this site, and it also helps this site reach out to a wider audience. They are as follows:

1) It helps the members or visitors decide if they want to read that particular topic. Its like going to a library, it helps to read the title of the book to make your decision, but in this case on a forum the title needs to reflect its content even more than a library.

2) By having a good title it will help this forums search results when a member or a visitor uses this forums "Search" feature. This forum has a rather advanced search engine that will find keywords you enter into it, and it also has advanced search features to refine search results. The "Search" feature is located at the top of the forum in the navigation menu between the FAQ and the Memberlist.

3) This forum also participates in what is called a "Traffic exchange". This is to increase the number of visitors and thus the general audience of the forum. This allows the forum to exchange traffic with other forums that have similar subjects as this one. This feature comes in the form of a block of links at the end of each topic. The subjects that the program decides are similar are decided upon by the "Title" of the topic, not its content. It is not designed to read the entire post just the title of the topic. For example, if I start a topic about "Trees" and I have the word "Trees" in the title of my topic, other forums that have the word "Trees" in there topics will be available to be considered "similar" by the program and thus participate with this forums traffic exchange program.

The title you added for this topic is "Has everyone" and that will never be considered similar to another topic on another forum so this topic can participate in the traffic exchange. The words "Has everyone" says nothing in a helpful way so the forum program can distinguish its relevancy to other forum topics on this server. Notice there are no similar topics participating in this topics traffic exchange at the bottom of this topic thread. On other topics on this forum that have informative titles they have blocks of links to other forums and are participating in the exchange program.

If you had put lets say "Memorial Day 2012" as this topics title I guarantee there would be similar topics under this topic thread connected to other forums, and the members and visitors would have a better understanding of this topics contents, and it would be included in this forums search results if someone used this forums Search engine feature using the keywords "Memorial Day". But beyond the advantages of the traffic exchange and search results from a healthy title of your topic is the obvious advantages it brings to the daily readers of this forum, they can have a better idea what this topic is about and decide if they want to open it or not.

Please consider these things when creating a new topic and think about using a good healthy topic title.

I must now tell you that further topic titles like this one that in no way reflect the topics content will result in a "Reminder" issued to you.

thank you. :)

3 Re: Has everyone on Sat May 26, 2012 10:45 pm


Thanks Tyler for catching this , I knew something needed to be done about that type of topic heading.

4 Re: Has everyone on Sat May 26, 2012 10:47 pm


haha !! thanks Tyler,now I will make sure,I post most of the subject!!

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