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1 Some of you don't know how lucky we are... on Sun May 20, 2012 1:58 pm


Some of you don't know how lucky we are here at this forum. I just found out a few weeks ago by a staff member of this server, All the newly created forums on this server within about the last 2 years have advertisements on them for guests AND registered members like the ads you see when you are not logged in and viewing the forum as a guest. It costs money to remove the ads for members on those forums. But because this forum was created in 2008 (4 years ago) and it was Ad-free then, this forum was "Grandfathered" in to having a lifetime of ad-free viewing for its registered members. That's because this server used to be ad-free for all the forums 4 years ago, so because of that we continue to get ad-free service for free. That's how honest and respectful the people who own this forum server are. It would have been very easy to just start charging everyone no matter how long the forum has been operating for ad-free service, but they didn't do that. My hat goes off to those nice people.


That is a good server, glad to have it..

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