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1 FRANCE collaboration on Fri May 04, 2012 12:14 pm

Candy Cottingham

Tyler copied and pasted thoughts on France

This is a copied and pasted reply

Many private companies, particularly those in industrial sectors important to Nazi Germany's war economy (e.g. the coal and steel industry, aircraft and motor vehicle manufacture) found themselves forced into economic collaboration with the Germans for survival. Many companies feared bankruptacy, or the seizure of their assets by the occupier, or else the growth of German companies at the expense of French ones. Many companies, then, saw economic collaboration as an unpleasant necessity to ensure their own survival. Others for example, were more than willing to work for the Germans in the expectation of higher profits. In 1941, for example, the French photographic company Photomaton, without any prompting, offered to produced identity photographs for Jews in Germany's concentration camps. `Research published in the 1980s (see Hirschfeld: 1989 p.9 for overview) has indicated that industrial output and profits increased during the first two years of the war as opportunities were siezed and lucrative contracts with the Germans were signed. Although the post-war years are seen as those of economic modernisation, recent research has also indicated that it took place during the war years too. Collaboration with the Germans on a number of projects was, for example, particularly beneficial to the French aircraft industry.

Many were forced to collorbrate

The French Resistance Movement was not a MYTH

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