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1 Excitement on Fri May 04, 2012 12:36 am


What is the most exciting thing,you have ever done?
well have many, but three are what I will post
climbing , Smoky Mts highest peak,riding the lifts over The ocean, at Pacific Ocean Park in 1963,also at that time riding the Roller coaster! my heart still does flutters thinking about it..
should this be put in game forum?

2 Re: Excitement on Fri May 04, 2012 10:52 am


No this doesn't belong in the gaming zone this is not a game, its fine right here in GT.

I am having a hard time choosing a most exciting time I have ever had. When I was the happiest and when I was the most excited are not always the same thing. So the word excited I'm assuming in this case we are just talking about heart-rate and excited that is not necessarily a happy feeling.

I have had so many I can't choose but I will just mention a happy exciting day for me that happened back in 1990. I went to Clearwater Beach a city on the west coast of Florida to see Belinda Carlisle live in concert. It was at "Ruth Eckerd Hal" and the sound in that concert hall is superb. I watched Belinda preform songs from her then latest album titled "Runaway Horses". I also was standing outside next to her tour bus with many other fans and got to look her in the eyes, she smiled at me. When she got in the bus she looked down at me again and smiled. I think she liked me.. :)

That tour was called the "Runaway Horses Tour" and I have a t-shirt I bought from that show in Clearwater. I also bought a big poster of Belinda and had it framed.

In case you didn't know its because of Belinda Carlisle I chose my online name Runaway Horses, that is were I got the name from.. :)

This is the Album cover "Runaway Horses" below and I also posted the Video Runaway Horses underneath the picture. I will always have a special place in my heart for Belinda.

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