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1 BANG OUT OF ORDER on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:17 pm

Candy Cottingham

You may have seen on the link yesterday about Tottenham Football Manager.
Harry Rednap aged 64
The Police knocked down his door and broke in at 5am in the morning.

Harry was out of the Country at the time and his Wife was there alone.

He has been hounded for a small amount of tax money owed to the Inland Revenue, (for the past 5 years.)

He was found NOT GUILTY...possible because he has an army of Accountants.
Knows nothing about it.

He has all ready paid oodles of Tax being he is a Millionair.

He recently had a Heart Operation 2 months ago.

The upshot of all of this.....IT COST THE TAX PAYER....US
5 Billion Pounds to bring the case to court for a much smaller amount owed.

Where is the Logic in all of this He is being touted to be Englands the F.A. Football Association.

When it come to Logic, Logic goes out of the Window.

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