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1 SCAMS on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:16 am

Candy Cottingham

Neighbour had a telephone call Thursday from an Indian woman saying she had overpaid on her SKY account (Dish) Rupert Murchdocks company.
The Indian lady had some financial details of her credit card but asked for more so she could refund 78

My neighbour who is 81years old smelled a rat and said she would check with her bank and that she could ring back to-morrow night.

The upshot of this was that she and her husband had to visit their Bank, They took her card and her husbands and quickly put it in a machine. A new card will be issued in a few days through the post.

We keep getting calls from India for different things and can't do anything about it because it is another Country. If it was this Country we could catch these crooks.

I am not in the Telephone Directory so where are they getting these numbers from.?


Any business is done through the post.

2 Re: SCAMS on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:10 am


I get alot of email scams telling me I need to click the link in the email and update my credit card info. They say my cards are no longer active anymore until I resolve the situation and click the link in the email and update my credit card information. Pure bullshit. First of all my credit cards don't know my email address, and secondly even if they did they would call me on the phone and have me come down and update the info. Its pure spam in its rawest form. My cards are fine and always have been. Sad thing is some people believe these scams and do what they say and get ripped off, and these scammers get away with it. I just mark the emails as spam and move the emails to my SPAM folder and my email client (AOL) blocks further emails from them.

Of course I get emails telling me I inherited 4.5 million dollars and need to click the link in the email to claim it. Those go to my spam folder too.

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