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1 Temperate Climate British Isles on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:16 pm

Candy Cottingham

Does the weather in the British Isles ever get dry?
I mean, do they ever have so little rainfall that acquiring drinking water becomes a problem life often happens here in the colonies? Question asked by Frede.

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The British Isles is surrounded by water. You could probly fit us into Texas 2 or 3 times.

We have a Temperate climate, fortunately we do not have to put up with such harsh weather that you do. Further North in Scotland it is colder.
We have had Tempory DROUTS in the South but not for long or very often.
Always we have DRINKING WATER in the Tap. But Hose Pipe Bans are sometimes inforced in a very hot Summer. Our water comes from underground treated with Chlorine, filted and it is recyled perhaps by two or three times.

I know that in Nevada that their water comes from the Hoover Dam, but we do not have a Dessert. In fact I think we had a lot of Marsh Land because many many years ago our Island broke off from Europe. Then the English Channel on our East coast came about, the water is not as deep as the Atlantic. On our West coast is The North Sea and some other water.

Years ago animals could walk across the English Channel. We had many Trees and woods hence we have coal mines, lots of them.

Interesting subject, well it is for me.
I like hearing about America also.

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I think you should tell him where the Lounge is in the Gaming Zone.

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