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Do you support the use of marijuana for medical purposes?

60% 60% [ 3 ]
40% 40% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5

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Take the poll and leave a message if you like..


You KNOW I do!


Yeah I knew how you would vote! lol

Fun to look back here from time to time and see the votes.

Candy Cottingham

Illegal and can make some people bad tempered.

has the compound been tested for safety?


You know my opinion already

Candy Cottingham

The drug needs to be properly controlled by a Doctor.

There would be impurities in the leaves if not processed by a Chemist.

The leaves of Feverfew is known to have medical properties for Migrain, but you must not eat them until they have been purified of other poisonous substances.

There was a program awhile back asking the same question.

The census of opinion was No.


I'm waiting for ANYONE to explain why the governmnent has the right to enter my property, sieze a plant I have grown, and ARREST me for having nurtured that plant. Does the government have the right to arrest you for growing grapes that you can make booze with? No? Why not?

Many will argue that pot is harmful. OK,so...I should be arrested and have my property seized if I grow some tobacco plants? Poppies?

Some will argue that the pot plant has no other use except as an illegal drug. OK, so...we should arrest and jail anyone who owns a company that produces Valium, a drug that is abused in the tons every day? Why not? Valium and other psychoactive drugs are just as illegal when traded or sold without a presdription,are they not?

Some will argue that pot is a "gateway" drug that leads to addiction to more harmful drugs because polls show that the vast majority of drug addicts claim to have started with pot. OK,so...did we ask the junkies haw many ingested aspirin,cough syrup,beer, or the nicotene in cigarettes before they became addics? Why not?

Some will argue that,as a pot smoker, my judgement has been compromised and society must protect me from myself. OK; prove that I am addled and have lost my right to own,occupy,and use property (land) I have bought and paid for with MY money that I worked for.

"Legalizing" pot is not necessary. Is legalizing gladiolas necessary to keep people out of jail? Or peanuts? Of course not! Just repeal the idiotic laws that infringe on my rights as a free citizen. When you return my rights to me,you have regained them for yourself.

I wasn't gonna post this rant,but it pisses me off when I think of the hundreds of thousands of people sitting in jails and prisons for no real reason at all. Such stupidity discredits our legal system and fosters disobedience and crime.


I'm waiting for anyone to explain to me why alcohol is legal and marijuana isn't. What's the logic in that? Marijuana isn't accepted yet because of ignorance of the general public on the issue that's why. Its usually ignorant people on the subject of marijuana that oppose it. We are still living in the dark ages where that is concerned. Its illogical. Here's the problem as I see it. Most people think marijuana is a evil drug that makes you go crazy and do stupid things. Well what about alcohol? Is that not a health hazard? More people have died from alcohol related issues than marijuana, plain and simple facts have proven that. Marijuana is not even close. How many times have we heard of a alcohol related accident that resulted in a death from driving a automobile? How many deaths have we heard about that were alcohol related period!!? How many marijuana related?

Yet alcohol is widely accepted as "OK". So much for logic.

Its ignorance that keeps marijuana illegal and alcohol legal. Some parts of Canada you can buy marijuana cigarettes legally. And Germany if I'm not mistaken. Its a slow process for the US to come around to logic but its obvious that ignorance to marijuana is whats holding it back from being accepted. So we continue to sell alcohol legally even though it has been proven time and time again to be a danger to your health and a major cause of death by way of automobile accidents among other things..ect.

Marijuana poses no threat to your health and does not impair you like alcohol does. But alcohol is legal, marijuana isn't.
This makes no sense.

More to the subject at hand, marijuana has been proven to help people with eating disorders and other health issues.


And has the government proved pot is harmful to one's health? No! Oh, they can,and have,force fed 2# lab rats pot smoke for hours every day,day after day,until they're dead and declare "We found genetic damage!". No shit Sherlock! And we have hypocritical wind-bags like O'Reilly saying crap like "I have nothing against what people do in the privacy of their homes, but I oppose pot use to protect the kids". He's a liar. He opposes pot because, as Tyler said,he sees it's use as immoral. He cannot say that because he has NO RIGHT,and the public has no right, to impose their moral values on any activity that does not harm or endanger the puiblic. 17 states have med-marijuana laws and my state, SC, just voted a med-pot law down. The decriminalization forces will keep banging away on this until these idiotic,anti-democratic laws are repealed or ameliorated with med-pot laws. You'd think people would wise up by now.

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