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1 Mices Invasion on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:57 pm

Candy Cottingham

My Son Simon has been invaded by mice, he lives in a rural area.

They are in the house and downstairs bedroom. One was on top of the wardrobe.

He has put many traps down with Peanut Butter mixed with rat poison..

In the night he hears them eating it, but it takes 2 or 3 days for it to work.

Wife and Simon were watching Television WHEN!

They saw a Mouse walk across the floor and Keel over.

2 Re: Mices Invasion on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:15 pm


Tell 'em to get a cat.

3 Re: Mices Invasion on Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:05 pm


I do hope they used the type of poison that makes them go outside in search of water, a nasty mess if they die in the walls...I vote for the cat also , to bad you are not close to me I have 4 kittens that are catching field mice and are looking for homes..

4 Re: Mices Invasion on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:32 pm


We have a cat, hes three years old now, we got him from the SPCA when he was just a kitten. We raised him as a indoor cat. Hes great, his name is "Bobby". I named him. I feed him everyday. He is very cute. I'll post a picture of him sometime. He doesn't allow any creatures in the

5 Re: Mices Invasion on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:45 pm

Candy Cottingham

Yes I would like to see a pic of Bobby...

One of my cats I use to have bought a field Vole into the house.

The Mouse dived into Dad's slipper...I jumped up on the Table and yelled my head off

in the middle of the night. Thumping on the ceiling trying to wake Brian up.

The Cat she called Tiger got the message and picked up the mouse

and ran back out through the cat flap with it.

6 Re: Mices Invasion on Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:29 pm


LOL, I guess you don't like mice. I've killed mice with my BB gun before. But this house we live in now I have never seen any.

Well, I'm looking for the pic of Bobby, I think my brother has it. I asked him to send it to me. When he does I will post it. It's a picture taken by the SPCA when he was a kitten, they gave it to us when we adopted him. I guess they take pictures of all the animals they get now days. He was a kitten when we got him from them, probably about 6 weeks old. He has one of those ID chips on his neck embed in his skin. He doesn't even know its there. But if he gets lost they can tell who owns him by running a scanner over it, then we can get him back home. But he never goes outside, he doesn't even want to go outside. We got him with all the shots and the ID chip already done. We paid 90 dollars for him. He's one of those 90 dollar Kitties. lol

If he ever sees a roach or a fly he will chase it down and kill it. We don't need an exterminator, we have Bobby. lol

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