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Once again, Newt nails it and exposes Republican hypocrisyy. As Dana Perino pointed out last night, the immigration statements by all other Repub candidates have been vague,shallow,and basically stupid (my word). I think all sane people understand that there is no way in hell we will deport 11 million illegal aliens. It WILL NOT be done because IT CANNOT be done without a massive police effort that Americans WILL NEVER support. That's it.

Reality may be a bitch, but it cannot be ignored, right? If we cannot deport 11 million people,how should we deal with them? Does continuing their illegal status make any sense? It may discourage further illegal immigration but a secure border would do a much better job of that,would it not?

Neither of these positions is acceptible to Dems. The former would deny a potential Dem voter the right to vote, and the latter would shut of the supply of same. The Repubs want that secure border,a goal I see as mandatory.Why should the USA be the only major world power to allow unimpeded immigration? But the Repubs are totally out to lunch on immigrant (NOT immigration) policy. The Repubs need to address this issue NOW before the Dems crucify every Repub candidate (other than Newt) on this stupidity while they demonize Newt for everything else.

I believe that permanently classifying over 11 million people as criminals is un-American, ugly, stupid, and unacceptible. I am not a "compassionate" guy. I actually don't care about illegals or their children. I care about not doing obviously stupid things. We have seen TOO much of that in the last few years. The Repubs can stop doing a stupid thing now (ignoring this issue or bs'ing about it) before the elections and get the "return to sanity" movement started in earnest.

And if you disagree with me, you are a criminal that should be beaten to death with a shovel.


I am with you Moon, but in my thoughts are several actions the Obama travesty could do to even get the ball rolling, #1 uphold the immigration LAWS already on the books, #2 Stop fighting states that are trying to give US citizens a fair chance in the job markets . # 3 Stop handing over tax dollars for welfare programs and food stamps to illegals. # 4 Stop the education of illegals, another leach on our school system. #5 Stiffen the penalties for those hiring or housing illegals. # 6 If Obama doesn't want to lose the votes ( now that some states are not allowed to check status of voters ) hold the candidate responsible for all bogus votes in a monetary way. We all know Obama is stalling on immigration issues Moon you were right he needs the votes, but as there is blood shed , massive influx of drugs and weapons some how the madness has to stop. I love the idea of a complete border fence and even better would be to charge it to the max and fry everyone of these border hoppers.

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