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Brody Jenner, Avril Lavigne report assault in LA

Published November 07, 2011
| Associated Press

LOS ANGELES Reality TV star Brody Jenner says he was hit with a bottle outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and girlfriend singer Avril Lavigne tweeted that she was also attacked.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Keith Green said Monday that Jenner filed a police report of assault with a deadly weapon after being hit early Sunday outside the popular nightspot.

Green says Jenner was not given medical help and no one was arrested.

Green could not confirm Lavigne's involvement, but on her Twitter account, she said she "got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool."

Jenner is the son of Olympian Bruce Jenner and a regular on MTV's "The Hills." He's also a stepbrother of the Kardashian sisters and has appeared on their reality show.

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I heard about this, they need to have body guards. Avril in particular. I'd like to kick those peoples asses that this. I heard Avril got injured too, but not too badly. I think she has a black eye if the reports are correct. I think Avril should have a full-time security staff (body guards) with her at all times. I don't know why she goes to these nightclubs, she should stay at home and have her own party. She doesn't need that crap with the crazy nightlife crowd. It gets you in trouble eventually.

SSC, your signature is not helping my Thanksgiving dinner appetite. lol

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