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1 Ron Paul sez..... on Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:14 pm


One problem I have with the RP movement is that his followers tend to introduce their support statements with quotes from Ron Paul himself. Not good. I'm sure that RP is embarassed somewhat with pot legalization advocates quoting him endlessly. And gun-nuts, abortion rights people, and isolationists.

I just heard RP say that if we treat Iran "better", there would be no confrontaional events necessary. We don't even need sanctions against them, etc. Really? Sounds logical, but VERY short-sighted. He implies that Iran hasn't attacked us so far and their support of insurgents in Iraq, and elsewhere, is a response to our meddling in their area of the world. Says we are over-reacting to statements by Ach-many-jihad, Iran's prez.

Well, we are NOT talking about trade issues or where the next DisneyWorld is gonna be. We are talking about an islamic regime driven by a belief in the 13th. Immam (look it up) and destroying Israel. We are discussing a regime that will only accept us when we are all muslims (or dead). THEY HAVE SAID SO, for christ's sake! They will end their hostility towards us when Israel is GONE. They are developing nukes because they need the energy (tho they have more oil than anybody). Right.

RP followers point out that China and the Soviets had nuke weapons all those years and they never attacked us, did they?

Well, China and the Soviets didn't wanna see the destruction caused by an unwinnable (by anyone) nuclear war. They, being communist atheists, didn't anticipate a "paradise" to send all those dead millions to. They never encouraged their people to martyr themselves endlessly. If you discover that the trouble-making tenagers down the street are stockpiling explosives in their basement, are you gonna say "No problem; they haven't blown any of us up yet"? This issue alone disqualifies Ron Paul. We cannot play darts with a country like Iran. We will ALWAYS be a target to them; they have said so. We are the "great satan". If we run away from this very real threat, they will throw more than the darts they have thrown so far. They will,naturally, throw what they are storing up in their basement while we argue finer points of constitutional law.

We ignored or discounted the aims of the fascists in the 30's and we see what that got us.

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