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1 put boehner down on Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:22 pm


Not having George Bush as President (by and Left Action shared a link.
LeftAction: Tell Boehner: "We Want Jobs, Not Excuses!"
‎"Speaker Boehner, President Obama has laid out a plan for creating jobs, a plan that a Moody's economist has estimated will add nearly 2 million jobs. I am calling on you to work with President Obama to pass this plan as soon as possible, or to come up with a real alternative that matches it in scope...

Wow, thousands of letters to Boehner already, just since our post an hour ago. You can scroll through them at the link below (look under the "sign petition" button)

Already written a letter? Write another one. And another. Keep going and going, and get others to do the same. Republicans are starting to feel the pressure on this, and some are starting to waver

I called,he was not a happy camper!! lol!

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