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Man Says Hes An Illegal Alien to Avoid Prison (Get out of jail free card!)
By John Hill on November 3, 2011 .. News

Illegals seem to have more rights than legal Americans these days. Come here illegally and you can skip paying taxes, go on food stamps, collect WIC for your children, get subsidized housing etc., and if you commit a serious crime, you can avoid prison, (at worst) get deported, and come right back in and start over again!

Just ask Saul Quiroz or the man who pretended to be an illegal alien named Saul Quiroz.

A Salt Lake City, UT man who was not named in media reports was arrested on Feb. 24, 2010, for distribution of a controlled substance (reportedly cocaine). He gave the fake name to the police.

While at a hearing before a District Court judge, the man said he was from Mexico and he was in the country illegally. He pleaded guilty. The court then allowed him to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and he was deported to Mexico, court document say.

So a coke dealer gets a get out of jail free card, and trip to Mexico courtesy of ICE just from claiming to be illegal. Isnt that special? A whole year later, back in Utah, he is busted again, and this time it is revealed that he is a U.S. citizen who used his passport to re-enter the country.

He was released from ICE custody once his citizenship was verified. The man was charged with one count of false or inconsistent material statements, a second-degree felony and one count of false personal information to an peace officer, a Class C misdemeanor in 3rd District Court on Wednesday.

Bad move! He should have just claimed he was illegal again, and received another get out of jail free card!
The inmates are truly running the asylum in the old U.S. of A.


Let's not forget that Abul Awalsaki (sp) was born and raised in the USA but claimed to be a Saudi citizen so he could get a $20,000 grant to attend an AZ college and learn how to be a good terrorist. Took 10 years to find and kill him. So now we help our own criminals? The libs just dont get it. Criminals are supposed to be in jail or NOT HERE AT ALL! But we're just such well known suckers we pay people to kill us or at least keep 'em happy one way or another. Strict immigration laws that protect Americans are racist and cruel, right? But escaping prison is an "OOPSY"???


With the current administration writing their own play book on a daily basis we don't have a chance. The federal immigration laws are nothing more than words on paper since the WH is blocking all attempts to enforce the laws by the states, the blood of ranchers, border agents and citizens lies on the hands of Holder, Napolitano and Obama, how many more deaths, how much more drug traffic how many more lost jobs to illegals , before they put a stop to this lethal game they are playing.


How many? If those killed so far haven't moved them,a few more won't either.

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