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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Raids Phoenix Printing Plant, Arrests Illegal Alien Workers
By John Hill on November 1, 2011

While Washington, D.C. has no answers to deal with record unemployment or illegal immigration, the “Sheriff Joe Jobs Program” continues apace.

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Arpaio executed his 55th workplace raid at a Phoenix printing plant – Prisma Graphic. The Sheriff’s Office received two separate tips that 17 of the employees were illegal aliens who used false or stolen identification to get their jobs.

Stunningly, some of those employees were seen printing out Wells Fargo credit-card information, government hunting tags and Health Net information in secure areas of the printing plant – giving them potential access to consumer information that could help further their identity theft activities.

Six were arrested in the raid, and eleven are being pursued by the Sheriff’s Office…

Sheriff Joe and his deputies have liberated thousands of jobs in his immigration raids, as LEGAL workers always line up to take the jobs thatunethical businesses give to illegal aliens. A great example of this came earlier this year, when Arpaio raided three Phoenix-area Pei Wei restaurants, and dozens of legal workers of all ages and races applied for those jobs that were told “Americans won’t do” …

For every illegal with a job, there is an American without one. Thank you Sheriff Joe for ignoring the noise around the immigration issue, and just doing your job to enforce the laws on the books.

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