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1 My Encounter with a 7 foot Red Indian on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:32 am

Candy Cottingham

This TRUE story has to be told for prosperity.

I often went for HEALING at the local Spiritulist Church.
The Healer was a large man who ran the Church with his Wife. (He has now passed on)

His Spirit Guide was a very large Red Indian Cheif. (Cheif Huntsman)

The Healer was very busy that warm Summer Night...(still daylight)

I was last in the room on my own with the healer.

I felt that the Healer would not bother with me because the Sevice in the next room had started.

So I asked him to come over to me and just put his hand over my head. Which He did.

SUDDENLY....My Hands and Arms INVOLUNTARY shot up in the air as if to protect.
I was not afraid...but I sensed a large Entity standing beside him.

The Healer told me to go to the usual chair where his Guide stands in front of the person being healed.

WHAT amazed me was....I actually saw a apparition (Spirit) retreat and GLIDE back to the chair.

I could not make out any features. Just a mist, maybe grey.

The Healer had told me once before (another time) that if I saw him...I would be afraid because he was very tall.

You can choose to believe me or not .....just keep an open mind...because there are many things we still do not understand. Primarily or Cheifly because we are not evolved enough to do so.

I am skeptical about things but I cannot deny what I did or saw.

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