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The Democratic story:

Fast and Furious was a continuation of a program started under the Bush admin. Holder closed it down and fired the administrator. The Repub call is just a political move.

The actual history:

Operation "Wide Receiver" was initiated by the Bush admin. The weapons were tracked at all times. None were lost. None crossed the border into Mexico. All the weapons were recovered. But with F&F:

ATF oversaw the sale of 1,418 guns to smugglers.

74% of those guns are unaccounted for.

At least 30 of those guns were used in violent crimes.

150 people have been wounded or killed by F&F guns.

The Administrator was NOT fired.

Holder lied about when he knew about the program;proven with e-mails.

(Let's see now....FAUX News made all this up?)

My opinion: I just read "Injustice" by Christian Adams. The book was written before the F&F scandal but Adams detailed how the Holder regime at the DOJ has intefered in elections in Miss. and Ala. Holder also initiated the "minority victims only" policy at the elections unit within the DOJ. Holder made the news first when he hand delivered a $300,000 cash bribe to Hillary Clinton for the Clinton Library. The money man was Marc Rich, a fugitive drug lord.

Obama's selection of the sleazy Holder for AG was just as senseless as having Dodd/Frank reform Fannie and Freddie; two organizations they ruined. Actually, I hope Holder stays put. I wanna see the Issa committee hearings on why the AG dropped the prosecution,after a judgement of guilty,against the New Black Panthers.


Operation Wide Receiver under Bush was a well planned operation, they went so far as to put tracking chips in the weapons. Holder the Owebama choice has had a shady and dark side for many years, but of course Owebama seems to thrive in this element. I guess shades of his Chicago street mentality. Holder should be imprisoned as soon as possible, lying to congress to start, the blood of Agent Terry and the others is on his incompetent hands. Not surprising Owebama has done nothing , he would first have to man-up and that seems impossible for him in any situation.

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