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1 Iraq. Random thoughts. on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:15 pm


I don't see how Obama could continue to wage war in Iraq. I think leaving will have bad results but so what? NOTHING good will ever come outta this dust bowl full of carpet weavers and tinsmiths. If the Iranians start to murder them in revenge for their past war, too bad. I don't care.

There's one bright spot and that is in Kurdish Iraq. These people actually do like us. They often say loudly "We are thanking America!". And with good reason. They are healthy,wealthy,and wise to the Iraqis. They now have oil rich families taking $10,000 vacations in Jordan at ski resorts. They are a part of the Islamic cult that is seperate from Sunnis AND Shiites. They are fanatically Kurdish and have both men and women Peshmirgas (guerrilla fighters). Iran will never defeat them without killing every one of them.

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