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1 Translator, please! on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:09 pm


I wanted to post this ccp of an article on RTNews (Russian news) I can remember getting Moscow news reports on CNN world news before glasnost and all that. We were still imperialist warmongers and such. But they were funny as hell because the translating narrator coud never get english quite right. (I also wanted to show that the current economic crises is a world-wide problem;not a republican/Wall St. conspiracy)

"In every good movie about bomb detonations there comes a moment when the hero needs choose between cutting the red wire or the black, or connecting wire A to point B to short circuit some device, as a timer runs down, with an alarm starting to whir.
Timer buzzing in the lead roles
This week finds Germany and France filling in the key role in deciding what gets cut and what gets connected.With the Euro, and the Eurozone economy the bomb, and the rest of the world the bystander watching on with mouths agape and knuckles white.
There aren’t that many bomb disposal movies, admittedly, but generally the theme tends to feature a key moment where the heroes can save things, acutely aware of the outcome if they get things wrong.Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy of France would be feeling something of that same type of pressure this week.
Greece – Who wears the cuts and pays for the bailout? Banks – Who short circuits balance sheets in the banking system?And given there seems to be a lot of unhappy people setting fire to cars in Rome, but generally behaving better whilst still being disgruntled elsewhere, there is a sense of who gets to please these people – presumably by conjuring some sort of stimulus – who gets the chick?"

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