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1 who is the real mobs on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:35 pm


Tracy Knauss
Who's the Actual Mob, the Occupy Wall St. Protesters of the Wall St. Bankers?

You want the truth? You can believe the guy with the books and brains, or the guy with the looks and the hair. The former is a Nobel Laureate in Economics Science. The latter is the Republican leader in the U.S. House of Representatives which hasn't created ONE JOB since Cantor took leadership 9 months ago! When he spoke in 2009 about the Tea Party mobs, some of whom carried guns and disrupted town hall meetings, Cantor praised them saying those protesters were "fighting on the fighting lines of what we know is a battle for our democracy." Yet now Cantor refers to the Occupy peaceful protesters as a "mob." Remember Eric Cantor? He's the one who refused to approve aid for disaster relief unless it was offset by spending cuts, even though his fiscal conservatism didn't manifest itself during the Bush years, which had the worst budget deficits in modern history. Cantor calls the Occupy movement "mobs". Dr. Stiglitz on the other hand directly addressed these young protesters and told them that our current economic system isn't working. It is not capitalism, he says, because we "socialized losses and privatized gains." The former Fulbright Scholar held academic positions at Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford and Princeton. He's now a Professor at Columbia University. Stiglitz served under President Clinton as the Chair of his Council of Economic Advisors, the last time this nation had a budget surplus. So, you can believe the fear mongering well-coifed Cantor, or Dr. Stiglitz, a person who knows what he's talking about both academically and practicall

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