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Whatever, right? Of course, the major media that were so quick to mischaracterize T-party people as "racists", now are drooling all over the floor for these plaza-wanderers, misfits, truthers, and "undefined others". If a coherent message appears,we'll listen.


These fools for the most have no clue what they are even doing out there, in DC they were paid by the organizer to be there ( make a showing ) . People condemned the Tea Party as vile and disruptive, but the conditions in New York are just pathetic, public urination, trashing the park, no doubt taxpayer money won't have to clean up the mess, they for the most look like a bunch of left over hippies. In New Orleans they held a march on the same route they were holding a funeral procession for Archbishop Hannan last Thursday. What a bunch of losers.


In a weird way,I identify with these people. I started at TT when I was still 17 and graduated straight into a job at Avco. I went from there to an aluminum company but quit after a year and hit the street at 21. I then did what these people are doing. Nothing much at all. I drew out all my unemployment benefits and worked part-time or temp jobs, etc. Spent a lot of time getting screwed up and hitching around the country. Had a GOOD time (what I remember). I also thought that Wall Street is occupied by liars, thieves, con-men, and generally criminal types. Still do and I believe that their quick transformation of a bloated and unsteady real estate bubble into a national disaster proves the point.

I'm hoping that our young will soon see that they are being co-opted by old voices saying old things that have more to do with class hatred than reform. As the liberals FAILED to show that the Tea movement was a nazi-fox conspiricay, we'll see if they are interested in revealing who their organizers are (if any). I hope they have a good time, regardless.

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