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1 money changers on Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:03 pm


A DEN OF THIEVES The GRAB for America's Money. It's all about the money, those who have it and those who don't. Those who just want to pay their bills and improve their lot, and those whose "fair share" includes everyone else's. This is where it starts, with the money changers. Having owned and managed many small businesses, it's a phenomenon I've witnessed first hand. Those counting the money begin to think it's theirs. Then, by hook or by crook they begin to finagle ways to get more of what doesn't rightfully belong to them. Sometimes they resort to embezzling. On a larger scale in American society, it's the same way, just with more zeroes. Billions of them. It's allowed the banksters to steal trillions of taxpayer dollars. And it's why they only had their wrists slapped. It's why credit card companies and other so called financial "services" sector people can get away with murder in what they charge. Their enablers are comprised of plutocrats like David and Charles Koch whose dishonesty is legendary in terms of getting what they want, from drilling for oil illegally under Native American lands to buying off elections in North Carolina school districts to reverse fifty years of racial integration. Folks, it's the money. Until we eliminate its corrupt influence in our government, we will never be empowered to make the critical changes in our own daily lives. In 2001 we saw that the financial district in NYC will stop at nothing. In the days after 9/11 Bush made the EPA issue statements declaring the air was safe enough for cleanup of the Wall Street area. The banksters were dying without their hands in someone else's pocket. As a result, thousands of first responders now have breathing problems and even cancer. Our nation allowed these banksters to transfer our sweat equity to their bottom lines. Until this is addressed, our nation will continue to founder on the shoals of economic disparity, while the money changers lavish themselves in our money, our assets, our future.

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