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1 I'm sure this is what Roscoe was hinting at. on Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:41 am


"WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate has cleared the final procedural hurdle on legislation intended to penalize China for intentionally undervaluing its currency, and could take a final vote on the measure as soon as tonight.

Proponents of the bill, a bipartisan group that includes Michigan’s two senators, say China is manipulating its currency to keep its products unfairly cheap compared to American manufacturers. They say that’s costing jobs in places like Michigan, which isn’t competing on a level playing field with Chinese companies."

I didn't attribute this. It seemed neutral enough and informative in a limited way. Tariffs are apparanyly,a last resort. That was my opinion as well. But they hardly ever work in the short run and are usually only as successful as the types of negotiations that end them are.

rosco 357

yes that was it, and im not real sure, it was on the radio i think but i think but not sure at all that they were short on house votes to pass it, by like 18 votes, but i may be off on this, i only heard a glimpse of it, but again that was what i was talking about, because it was in the senate, take care and thanks

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