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1 Is Obama courageous? on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:11 am


That is what we will hear from now to Nov, 2012. When the Frank/Dodd duo instructed Fannie and Freddie to loan money to buyers regardless of ability to pay,the banks did exactly that. Many signed the contract without reading it and the details were ignored. For that,many call them unscrupulous dishonest vipers, etc. So, when Pelosi asked EVERYONE to approve Obamacare and read it later, that was heroic? When Obama said his stimulus plan would limit unemployment to 8% (a ridiculous notion since it was already at 7.2%) and would create 2 million new jobs in 18 months, were those the words of a hero? And when we finally saw the details in Obamacare and became accustomed to chronic 9+% unemployment and complained bitterly, was it heroic to blame those failures on George Bush? The American people were conned by professional vote thieves. Get them out and start over.

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